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I Was a Client Caught in the Allegro Law Debt Settlement Mess and I Now Need to Reestablish Credit. – Georgia


“Hello Steve,

I’m one of your readers mixed up in the Allegro mess. We’ve filed bankruptcy. Now, the task of reestablishing credit. I’ve been looking at Public Savings Bank. I saw your review. I wanted to double check and make sure this is a legitimate company. After Allegro, I don’t know if I can trust anything.



Dear Georgia,

At this point we need to help you get back in the credit game so new good credit can begin to be reported about you. The first step would be to get a copy of your consolidated credit report to make sure all the debt that was included in your bankruptcy is being reported as closed. We don’t want any included accounts showing as still being open and against you.

Since offers change and adjust, let me describe the perfect offer for you. You’ll need to get two secured cards that best match this criteria. The secured card should earn you interest while your money is on deposit, the card should report to all three credit bureaus and it may have an annual fee but look for the lowest one. Also, avoid any card that charges you a monthly fee if you can.

You don’t need to carry a balance, just use the card and pay if off each month. You’ll notice that I didn’t even mention the interest rate as a factor in making your decision. That’s because as long as you pay the bill off in full each month by the due date you won’t be charged interest so it’s not important.

Big Hug!
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