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How to Successfully Get a Refund from Dave Burke and his Real Talk Network By Picketing

Picket DudeI have previously written about Dave Burke and his Real Talk Network and the approach the network takes to providing financial counseling. He seems to have a a bunch of unhappy people that feel they have been ripped off. See the comments on “Investigative Report: Dave Burke and Real Talk Network (Real Talk Network, Inc.). Is It a Scam?

Here is what one disgruntled RTN customer did in order to get a refund. Bob says:

I made myself a little cardboard sign that said “Talk to me about real talk network and save yourself thousands” and I proceeded to walk the sidewalk in front of the Mission Valley Marriott. After a while real talk sent the first Bozo out to tell me I was not going to get my money back and if I put the sign down and came inside they would resume my counseling, well I told him I wasn’t here to negotiate I came here to cost You as much money as possible and to go inside and tell Dave B. that he ripped off the wrong guy this time.

Well after a few minutes Bozo #2 came out to tell me what I was doing was illegal and pretended to call someone on the phone told them to call the police, at that time I informed him that I had already notified the police of what I was doing and they told me to call them if there was any problems and they would come out and make sure my right to free speech was protected. GOODBYE BOZO #2.

Then You guessed it out comes Bozo #3 and he ask me what they could do to get me to put my sign down. I told him that tonight I’m not leaving until after I scared away as many people as possible but if they gave me a complete refund, an unconditional release from the contract and a written assurance that all collection efforts would cease and any derogatory info. placed on my credit would be removed that I would not show up at any future events, or Dave Burke can come outside and like he promised me “personally handle my business through its satisfactory conclusion”.

Well Dave didn’t show ‘BIG SURPRISE’. but I did get a phone call and email from Jay Sanders the next morning saying that RTN is agreeing to do what I ask and not to come out any more. Well I’ve since received a Check from RTN for 1250.00 ‘which is 250.00 short of what I paid to date’. and a conditional release saying that once I cashed the check I could no longer do anything to disseminate derogatory information about RTN. Well I haven’t cashed the check yet because I’m now talking to RTNs lawyer Berkley Freeman about the 250.00 payment they lost and the fact that they don’t know what an “UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE” is per Jay Sanders.

Does that sound like the financial geniuses they claim? Well thats my story. I will say that I shared this with someone that went out on Fri. but he let them talk him out of walking and got nothing but the promise of more counseling. So my advise is if you do this STAY OUT THERE remember their just trying to get you out of peoples view so the scam can continue, its all about money with them cost them enough and you get their attention. – Source

To date the picketing technique is the most effective. If anyone does this be sure to shoot video of it so I can post it here. I’m sure a lot of people would love to see it.

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