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Frederick Hannah & Associates Keeps Contacting Me. – Tammy

“Dear Steve,

Frederick Hannah & Asso. P.C. have contacted me per phone and state they are representing a certain credit card company. They are unable to prove they are indeed representing this credit card company as their client. I have contacted the credit card company several times and they state that this acct. has a zero balance and is closed. It states on my credit report as “charge off.” Every time I ask Frederick Hanna for written proof that they are attempting to settle the balance for the “client”, I tell them that I want proof of that this will settle any debt.

I have yet to receive anything from them except a letter stating that no attorney as been assigned yet, and then another letter saying they are going to debit my “post dated check” (which I never gave them) on 2/26/10. There is no client listed, there is no amount of which they were going to debit, and there was nothing stating this was a final settlement. I have been harrassed on the phone by them, they have hung up on me, and even yelled at me per phone.

I had to change my account number at my bank, not knowing if they had my account number or not. This all seems very suspicious, as I feel an attorneys office would send a letter showing the client, the settlement offer, and never suggest a “post dated check” which I understand is illegal. Now what?

I do owe a certain credit card company, and would settle with them for lump sum, but yet the credit card company says it is a zero balance, and a charge off. I have never even been late on a debt, so I don’t know what to do. I was off on a leave of absence due to medical necessity and attempted to make arrangements with this credit card company at the time, but they declined. I have no other late payments to ANYONE, own my home, and pay everyone on time. Has this firm possibly bought my account from the credit card company and now attempting to collect for themselves? I would appreciate any help!

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Dear Tammy,


The first thing you need to do immediately is send a written letter by traceable means showing delivery and ask for proof this is a valid debt. Do this right now. You must do it within 30 days of being contacted about the debt. Asking for verification over the phone does not preserve your rights.

The account must have been delinquent to have charged off. When an account charges off it does not mean you don’t own the debt anymore, it just means that as a matter of accounting they had to take it off their books as a good asset.

Most credit card companies will sell their charged off debts so it is quite possible that a new entity owns the debt. Frederick Hannah will have to confirm who that is. If you have not looked at your credit report recently I suggest you get a copy of your consolidated credit report and see if someone is now listing that debts as theirs.

It sounds like the post dated check letter was an administrative screw up on their part since you’ve never made any payment arrangements with them.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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