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I’m Desperate, in Debt, and Thinking of Hanging Myself. – Evelyn


“Dear Steve,

I’m desperate, with about 75,000 on credit cards, two repos and about (on one the sold the truck and sent a bill for about 7,000 waiting on the second but I sure is going to be a lot more) 2576.66 for mortgage (taxes and insurance not including taxes and insurance) 4 kids (19,16,12 and 7) plus 26,000 on workers comp policy from a previous business (they are taking me to court) and finally about 100,000 yearly income combine what do I do.

You’ll probably recomend hanging myself which I’m seriusly considering but what would happen to my kids, help please!

Is banckrupcy my only way out?


Dear Evelyn,

Hanging yourself, blowing your brains out or any other form of suicide is completely unnecessary when it comes to money troubles and financial problems. There is no debt situation that can’t be overcome with a clear vision, action and a plan.

I was curious about your comment “is bankruptcy my only way out”, as if it’s a bad thing. Bankruptcy is a legally approved process to give people a fresh start when they are in situations where there is no reasonable expectation or ability to make ends meet. That sure sounds like your situation, doesn’t it.

Before you do anything else you need to click here and find a local bankruptcy attorney you like. Make an appointment and go talk to them, please.

What you will find is that bankruptcy will allow you to be on a reasonable repayment plan you can afford with your income and expenses or it will discharge your debt completely. It will stop all collections and block any lawsuits to collect debts included.

Evelyn, I don’t need you buying rope, I need for you to take specific and legal action to appropriately deal with your debts. That’s what you need to do for your kids, not kill yourself.

Big Hug!
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