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United Law Group Brags About Doing It’s Job, Huh?

I have no clue what could be running though the minds of the people over at the United Law Group lately. The United Law Group offers loan modification services.

Out pops a new press release from United Law Group all bragging and such about how they helped this foot doctor get her mortgage modified for the parents.

The headline of the press release reads “United Law Group Helps Prominent Podiatrist Reduce Mortgage by $3,347 Monthly and Save $925 Monthly on the Loan Held By Her Disabled Parents.” Seriously, how prominent are podiatrists? How many podiatrists even have cable shows?

So I read through the release and by the end of the release all I got was that the United Law Group did their job and got a loan modified. BFD. Isn’t that what people are paying them to do? How is that news?

“United Law Group, That’s Just Not News.”

News would be if United Law Group had offered to help the disabled parents for free or if they had decided to give refunds to all the people that are very unhappy with their services.

Seriously United Law Group, when you send out releases about doing what people are paying you to do it just makes it seem like that’s the exception rather than the norm. Oh look everybody we actually got a mortgage modified, yippee!

Take this braggart quote from your release, “The team we worked with from United Law Group were responsive and effective,” said Mr. Broadhead. “I worked directly with the attorney and negotiator and was impressed with their professionalism.” That’s what you are supposed to do with every client, that’s just NOT news. You make it sound like it was a big deal that Mr. Broadhead, the CFO of Dr Taylor’s Chino Hills medical practice stepped in to work with you. Well I hate to break this to you but after visiting the web site of Chino Hills Podiatry, it’s not a big practice and I find it exceptionally hard to believe that is such a big wig there, he’s not even mentioned as staff. In fact the only staff podiatrist listed is Dr. Taylor, who seems like a really nice podiatrist with a small practice.

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So here is the release they sent out of you want to read it.

See what you think and put it into context with the pummeling United Law Group took recently from the Associated Press. Read, “United Law Group Attorney – Pissed Off.” In fact, the Taylor loan situation was the exact same example they used for that other release. I can’t believe they used the same success story for both releases. Is there only one success story?


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