Midland Credit is Trying to Collect an Old Debt. – Tina

“Dear Steve,

Midland credit trying to collect on an old account that I think is over 6yrs old. Also I live in TN. Since the acct is old how can I find out the details about it?

I haven’t heard a thing about this acct is several yrs until today. They clam I owe 9k on a 2k limit cc from several several yrs ago. Can they still try to force me to pay this? I just don’t know how to find out the details aout this closed acct HELP PLEASE!!!!


Dear Tina,

The best place to look is to see what is reported on all three of your credit reports by getting a consolidated credit report. The consolidated credit report link is the same one I use myself.

Even if the statue of limitations has expired on this debt it does not mean they still can’t attempt to collect, just not sue you. In fact they can attempt to collect forever.

Check the credit report and see what’s being reported about this old debt.


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