I Just Signed Up For J Hass Group Debt Settlement Services And I’m Worried. – Jamie

“Dear Steve,

I just signed up for debt negotiation with consumer debt counseling group/J. Hass. Then I read the BBB report, including a grade of “F” and 81 (resolved) complaints.

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Have you any knoowledge of these groups? I’m thinking I should call my credit card companies and tell them what I’m planning…since I can’t afford to save for settlement and make monthly payments to them. Any advice?


Dear Jamie,

As the result of your question I just wrote a review about their site. Read J Hass Group Review.

When you start sending payments to the debt settlement company you will be in default with your creditors. They will begin collection and that can lead to lawsuits and potential wage garnishments. It will also ruin your credit. Also bear in mind that your first three months of payments will go to fees and part of your first half of the remaining payments will as well.

What is your situation? If you gave me more background I might be able to give you a better answer which solution would be best for you.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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