I’m Looking for Bankcard Holders of America and their Debt Zapper But Can’t Find Them. – Hans

“Dear Steve,

I am still current with credit card (minimum) payments on my $47K balance with 5 cards which I accumulated after starting a business a couple of years ago with some success, but having to incur quite a lot of personal debt during the economic downturn last year to pay bills, and I need help to figure out the best way to manage this debt.

I stumbled upon your very informative article warning of credit settlement and credit consolidation scammers and I was trying to find out more about the recommended Debt Zapper program offered by Bankcard Holders of America based in Virginia, as was recommended by some, but it appears that the Bankcard Holders of America has (temporarily?) shut down, as a letter I recently sent to the address in Salem, VA, as given in two older articles in the NY Times and the Washington Post, was returned unopened.

Can you advise me of any similar alternative?

Any advice would be appreciated!


Dear Hans,

Wow, Bankcard Holders of America, there is a name I haven’t heard in years. I think Bankcard Holders of America shut down around 1996. The Debt Zapper program was a standard debt prioritizing report that, by using the information on your debt, would print out a plan to repay your debt in an efficient manner. You might want to look at the debt snowball approach and see if that will do the trick for you. It is my understanding that the Debt Zapper report was actually software called ZilchWorks by Michael Riley and it is still available at ZilchWorks.com.

Are you finding it difficult to get by or you just want a plan to repay it?


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2 thoughts on “I’m Looking for Bankcard Holders of America and their Debt Zapper But Can’t Find Them. – Hans”

  1. Wow! Bankcard Holders of America is a blast from the past. Debt Zapper was indeed created by my program ZilchWorks. That seems like such a long time ago. I do believe that BHA has shut their doors for good. However, if they ever reopen them please let me know.

    Michael Riley


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