I’m Scared the Bankruptcy Trustee Won’t Let My Bankruptcy Go Through. – Lynn

“Dear Steve,

Steve, I am almost at the sixty day point in my bankruptcy. I am worried it won’t result in a discharge. I qualified for a chapter 7, but the trustee was harsh with me, I think because I got here because of poor choices.

I am so sorry I messed up my life it hurts bad. I call the attorney, he said there should be no problem but I am not sure. I would try to talk to him more, but he won’t take my calls and he charges me for every second. I have had very little time with him through this whole thing. He even went so far as to put me on hold and hang up on me.

Never returning the call. He was a bad choice, but I can’t afford to change now, he has already charged me 700.00 more than the quote. So I guess what I am asking is, is there reasons my bankruptcy could be denied. Like my poor choices (gambling, cash advances etc) I am so sick with worry, I don’t know what I will do if it gets turned down. I can barely afford to live now with what I make. I explained I was getting help for the gambling , and I am but the trustee didn’t seem to care. Really scared.


Dear Lynn,

I’m really surprised your bankruptcy attorney did not go with you to the trustee meeting. He sounds like a bit of a jerk.

If you can, you might want to drop by his office and talk to his staff or him about your concerns and worries.

This is going to be really easy for me to say but excessive worry at this point isn’t going to change a thing but it will make you stressed and sick.

So let’s do this, keep up with the help for the gambling help, swing by the bankruptcy attorney office to get your questions answered, and put the assumptions and “what if” thinking aside till we have a decision from the trustee, facts and answers to deal with. Does that sound like a reasonable approach?


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.
Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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