I Contacted Debtmerica for Debt Settlement Services but Got a Contract Saying CNI Century Negotiations. – Stephanie

“Dear Steve,

I want to consolidate/settle 3 credit cards. All equal less than 10k. I have been recommended to go through debtmerica and contacted a representitive. I just gave him the information, and the next day, I got a quote. It seems too good to be true. I would be paying 200/month for approx 25 months and then be debt free. The electronic contract had a CNI (century negotiations, inc.) icon on the contract. I am assuming they are related. I went online and looked up reviews of both companies. I was appauled at the “F” rating from the BBB! Now I am skeptical of all of this.
Perhaps you have heard of this company? I also read that they will NOT pay the credit card companies unless all the funds are collected. I would have to wait 25 months for this and my credit would be shot until then?! Help me please!

If I have 3 credit cards that I need to pay off, do you know which company is best for me? I have no mortgage payments.


Dear Stephanie,

That’s really odd that you would have received a contract that said Century Negotiations, Inc (CNI) on it after contacting Debtmerica. I wonder if you might have spoken to both companies during your search for debt help and the CNI contract coincidentally arrived from a rep you spoke to at CNI. Did it come attached to a Debtmerica email?

I know you are worried about what will happen to your credit during the debt settlement program but let’s get to the heart of the situation here. Are you not able to pay your debts at all? Are you able to save money into an emergency fund? Do you have an emergency fund? What’s the situation and your goal here?


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2 thoughts on “I Contacted Debtmerica for Debt Settlement Services but Got a Contract Saying CNI Century Negotiations. – Stephanie”

  1. Yes! I wondered the same thing. I asked the guy, but he said something about how they are the company of the trust account that will be started under my name if I sign up with them. I thought it was odd, too. By the way, thank you so much for getting back to me. You were so quick!

    Does it matter if a Debt Settlement company is not apart of TASC? I am torn between 3 companies and don’t know how to narrow it down… this is crazy. Thank you for getting back to me, again. I don’t think I am going to go with Debtmerica. It’s between debt harmony and http://www.premierdebthelp.com/landing.php premier financial. Have you heard of them? Bless you.

    • Stephanie,

      I think we need to take a step back here. Before you leap into a debt settlement program can you share with me what your situation is and what you are trying to accomplish with debt settlement?

      By the way, I did a review of Debt Harmony, click here.

      I want to make sure that before we worry abut the right company that we are sure debt settlement is the right solution for you.



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