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What’s The Best Way to Clear Up My Credit? – James

“Dear Steve,

I’m trying to pay off debts but they appear to keep poping up.

Steve, what is the best way to clear up your credit and score is to pay off every delinquent debt you have or to pay off one of these so called attorneys to contest the debt and see what happens?


Dear James,

The types of credit repair scams you mention are under investigation by a number of agencies.

If you have a delinquent debt you owe the best thing to do is pay it off and once all the old negative debts are satisfied you can concentrate on rebuilding your credit easily with new good credit. If you have some open credit card accounts they can help you do this is you concentrate on paying your bills on time and letting some time pass.

The credit repair scam that most try to sell is the dispute the debt approach. The debt comes back on latter when the creditor dumps the information back to the credit bureaus again. The only reason the debt may have been removed initially was because the credit bureau did not get it investigated quickly enough but it will come back.

My advice is to deal with it properly and then you don’t have to keep looking over your shoulder waiting for it to appear again, and it will.

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