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375 N. Stephanie St. Suite 1411
Henderson, NV 89014 – Source

Domain registered on February 25, 2009. Believed to be owned by Jason Long at [email protected]


Payday loan relief company.


Jason Long – VP of Business Relations – Source
James Skylar

Company was registered in Nevada on March 16, 2009. – Source


Toll-Free Phone/Fax: (800) 810-7794 – Source

Relationships is also hosted on same server with which is also registered to Relief, LLC.

James Skylar is also the director of C.R. Interweb Marketing, Inc along with Alexandra Aristy.

Interesting Points

The company claims to be able to stop “harassing collector phone calls” but I question how they have the authority to force this to happen since the original creditor, the payday loan company, is not blocked with a traditional cease and desist letter and is permitted to contact the original debtor. However one way might be if a lawyer was representing the client but they make no mention of this or a nationwide network of attorneys to represent clients in all states. – Source. A search of the Nevada Bar Association found now lawyers registered under Jason Long or James Skylar.

I have some big reservations about some of the statements they make on their FAQ page. In my opinion their statement about correcting your credit report via credit repair appears to be a violation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act, they are silent on what their program will cost in real dollars, and they offer no money back guarantee. – Source

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At the time of this review the BBB had not assigned any rating to this company. – Source

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Steve Rhode

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  1. I used Relief, LLC and had good results. They were able to pay off my loans in 9 months and refund the unused amount. They were able to stop my payday lenders from calling for the most part and were willing to work with me when I was having trouble paying and made different arrangements for me. The program is not a quick fix and you have to be patient but it does work. Also most people are set up for a 12 month program if you have several loans like me (8) and they collect their fees first.

  2. I used Relief, LLC and had good results. They were able to pay off my loans in 9 months and refund the unused amount. They were able to stop my payday lenders from calling for the most part and were willing to work with me when I was having trouble paying and made different arrangements for me. The program is not a quick fix and you have to be patient but it does work. Also most people are set up for a 12 month program if you have several loans like me (8) and they collect their fees first.

      • Knervous can you tell me about your experience with LLC?  I am about to join them as well and would like to know your experirence.  I have 4 loans and if they can do what they say they can do I will be paid off in 9 months.

        • Just don’t get Molly as your negotiator, she just sits at her desk and eat bon bons as they take their monthly fees and do nothing.

      • You have a good reason to be nervous, they are lazy. Nikki Sims will encourage you to sign up with the program and really convince you that they can help. I have to say, she is the only one with this company that does a good job, she is very convincing. After they start drafting money from your account, nothing happens. They just drag alone. The negotiators for this company, well lets just say a 10 year old could do better. Not a good company.

      • turina how was your experience with them?  did you open your new account at the same bank?  if so how did that work out?

    • So how many calls did you get?  Did any of the lenders report on your credit bureau?  Just curious.  I just faxed my papers so i am interested to see what happens.

      • I did not end up using Relief, LLCj for a couple of reasons. I specifically asked if there were any lenders that would not work with them and was told “this would not be an issue”. Additionally, I had told them that I had 5 or 6 different store-front loans and I was neve told that this would be a problem. But when I followed the link to fill out the online forms, I found this (not in the paper forms that you fill out and fax back):

        Program Restrictions (If you believe you fall into any of these restrictions, please call us at the number above):
        1) We currently do not provide services to residents of Wisconsin or Mississippi.
        2) If you got a loan from a store in Arizona, Oregon, or Colorado, you can NOT enroll those loans in this program.
        3) You cannot enroll more than TWO storefront loans from EACH ONE of the following states: Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, or Utah. (Online loans are EXEMPT from this restriction)
        We also CANNOT settle pay day loans from the following stores:Americash (all 50 states)Allied Cash Advance (all 50 states)Dollar Loan Center (all 50 states)Cash Biz (in Missouri)Cashland (in Ohio)Kosters (in Nevada)Sun Loan (in Nevada)

        These folks might be good if you have several online PDL’s, but not for me.

        Still seeking a solution if anyone has any ideas. Relief, LLC referred me to, but I received a message from them today that they no longer operate in the state of Nevada.

  3. Steve,

    I am writing regarding the review you posted about our company. Thank you for the review. I am very familiar with your website and have known about you for quite some time. I think you provide an excellent educational website for consumers.

    A little bit about Relief, LLC. We are not a Debt Settlement company that works with Credit Card debt or Mortgages, at Relief, LLC we only specialize in Payday Loan debt. We only do one thing and we work as hard as we can to provide an honest and ethical service to consumers. It is a service that anyone with knowledge, research, patience and fortitude could possibly do on their own if they wanted to deal with the stress often associated with Payday Loan lenders and their strong collection tactics. However, because we deal with so many clients of the Payday Lenders we often can achieve results that are not as easily attainable by an individual themselves.

    I would like to clarify a few things if you have the time so that all information is clear and correct on the review.

    I am one of the managers here at Relief, LLC. Jason was a manager when the company first opened but has since moved on to another position. I think you mentioned him as an owner of the company. James Skylar is the owner.

    1. Relationships – you mentioned was on the same server as Actually the correct site URL is

    Additionally you mentioned that James Skylar is Director of C.R. Interweb Marketing. That is no longer a business that Mr. Skylar is associated with. Please re-check the Nevada Corporation website for their updated listings.

    2. Interesting Points – You mentioned that you question how we have the authority to enforce to “stop harassing phone calls”. We tried to be very specific with our language on our website with this point. We stated that we “help stop harassing phone calls”. We don’t state that we stop every phone call but we do help stop harassing phone calls. When someone becomes our client we send out the “cease and desist letter” if that does not stop the phone calls and the client informs us they are still receiving phone calls, we contact the Payday Loan Lenders immediately and work to get the calls stopped. We have developed relationships with many of the Payday Lenders and they know that we have been very professional in actually doing what we say we are going to do in helping resolve the unpaid balance between our clients and their company. The majority of the Payday Lenders will honor our requests based on a positive working relationship we have developed.

    Now, are there rogue company’s out there that are not licensed lenders operating from an overseas company and ignore any attempt to stop the phone calls? Yes. Actually there are only about 2 or 3 companies that are in this category and they will ignore even a registered lawyer. At that point we help the client to file complaints with various government agencies as well as the BBB in an effort to stop the harassment and notify the clients state of the unlicensed company’s flagrant violation of their state law.

    Regarding Credit Repair- We state on our site that “When you complete your program through RELIEF, LLC we work to remove any negative marks the payday loan companies may have reported to any agencies.” From our research Payday Loan companies are not allowed to report Payday Loans to the three major credit bureaus. However we have found that occasionally a Payday Lender has sold the loan debt off to a third party collection agency who might report the debt as something other than a payday loan to sneak something on a credit report in order to help them collect the debt. We then counsel our client in the proper way to dispute these negative reports as actually having been a payday loan and hopefully get them removed for that reason. However this has only been a situation for 2 clients since we have been in business and they were successful in their dispute. Relief, LLC is not here to specialize in credit repair of any type, nor would we ever make any such claim. We only specialize in Payday Loans exclusively and helping educate our clients in steps they might take in disputing negative reports related to Payday Loans on a credit report.

    The last point was our program cost and money back guarantee. We don’t publish the specific program cost on our website because we have to calculate the cost based on a formula that is specific for each clients particular situation. However, any client that calls in and speaks to a representative can easily get a breakdown of our fees when we have a clear idea of their specific needs. I do know that, of the few companies that specialize in payday loans like we do, we have the lowest fees “intentionally”.

    In regards to a money back guarantee, our agreement form states that our program is voluntary so a client can quit at any time. If a client chooses to cancel the program before we have any done any work they of course get any money they have paid back. Once we have started our work and notified their lenders, any fees they have paid in at that time are non-refundable. I know some other companies designate the clients first few payments to only going toward the companies fees. At Relief, LLC we do not feel this a responsible way to do debt resolution. Our fees are divided out over the program so that we can effectively do the best job we can for our clients. Now if a client feels they have truly been wronged, we value our customer service very highly so we will find a fair and equitable refund.

    We don’t make any explicit guarantees on anyone’s program, because there are to many variables involved in this lengthy process. We know what we can typically do, but every client’s situation and needs are different. For example a client may have had a payday loan they received a year ago for $300 and they have paid $90 in interest every two weeks for a year. Typically we can help resolve this loan for a fraction of what the company says is due now. Yet if someone has recently borrowed $300 and paid nothing on that loan we may not be able to resolve it for the same type of payoff as the other client who has paid excessive fees for a year. Additionally storefront payday lenders work different than internet payday lenders. So to state something like “we can GUARANTEE we will save you 50% on every loan” is impossible. However we have been in business for over a year now and you will be hard pressed to find a complaint out there about Relief, LLC.

    Steve, everyone here at Relief, LLC has worked very hard since we opened our doors at providing an honest and ethical service for our clients. Consumers should rightfully be wary when dealing with a company especially from the internet. Payday Loan Debt Resolution is a relatively new service industry in the past few years and it can be a challenging task to be sure. We know there are other alternatives out there but we also know for the consumer that chooses to use our service, we will work as hard as we possibly can to help. So far we have made some people very happy.

    Ryan Phillips

    Relief, LLC.
    The Debt Solution Company
    Consumer Info: 800.810-7794


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