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375 N. Stephanie St. Suite 1411
Henderson, NV 89014 – Source

Domain registered on February 25, 2009. Believed to be owned by Jason Long at [email protected]


Payday loan relief company.


Jason Long – VP of Business Relations – Source
James Skylar

Company was registered in Nevada on March 16, 2009. – Source


Toll-Free Phone/Fax: (800) 810-7794 – Source

Relationships is also hosted on same server with which is also registered to Relief, LLC.

James Skylar is also the director of C.R. Interweb Marketing, Inc along with Alexandra Aristy.

Interesting Points

The company claims to be able to stop “harassing collector phone calls” but I question how they have the authority to force this to happen since the original creditor, the payday loan company, is not blocked with a traditional cease and desist letter and is permitted to contact the original debtor. However one way might be if a lawyer was representing the client but they make no mention of this or a nationwide network of attorneys to represent clients in all states. – Source. A search of the Nevada Bar Association found now lawyers registered under Jason Long or James Skylar.

I have some big reservations about some of the statements they make on their FAQ page. In my opinion their statement about correcting your credit report via credit repair appears to be a violation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act, they are silent on what their program will cost in real dollars, and they offer no money back guarantee. – Source

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At the time of this review the BBB had not assigned any rating to this company. – Source

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None found.

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32 thoughts on “Relief LLC Review”

  1. Please, do not use Relief, LLC.  I used them for 6 months, paying over $5,000…lots of which were fees.  If I had to estimate, the probably spent a total of 1 hour on my account in the six months.  They never contacted the lenders or negotiated.  They just wanted until a settlement amount came to me or them.  Seriously, folks, please don’t waste your money.  If you can handle some calls for a while, you will start to see settlement offer come your way.  

    • Relief LLC is a ripoff. I have a physical letter where they claim to have settled with all my payday lenders, yet I was paying them over $ 200 a month to do so and they did NOTHING except to take money from me. I finally stopped payment on the debit to them and told them I was doing so. None of my payday loans were ever settled and the only one who profited from this was RELIEF. BEWARE !

  2. Relief, LLC has done an incredible job of clearing up the mess I made taking out payday loans.  I started this process with them approximately two years ago.  On Friday, 5/18/12 I noticed that my bank balance was not correct according to my records.  I checked online as soon as I got home.  Not only did Relief, LLC alleviate 8 outstanding debts, they refunded $550.76 to my bank account when they had finished.  How can you fault a company that functions like that. 

    • I am almost done with this.  I have been working with them for nine months.  They have paid off all four of my loans and have completed it in eight months which is one month less than the plan.  This is because they were able to make absolutely wonderful settlements with the lenders.  I will make my last payment at the end of this month.  Thegardener59102 when did you receive the paid in full letters for the paid off loans?  That is what I am most concerned about as having these ensures that I have evidence of the settlement of the debt,

    • I have been with relief llc for about four months, so far everything is good and they have done eveything that they said they would do. I have 8 loans and only one has been negotited down.  They have to build up an amount to work with though. don’t plan on being in this more than a year though, by then it would be more than taken are of without any settlement.  I know that I have heard of people getting refunds and they only ask for a fair amount. I’m happy so far too.

  3. I come to find out that your company is not listed under Henderson, Board of Commerce or even listed with the Attorney General. There are no names far as James Skylar or Jason Long listed under the bar of attorney’s in Nevada for your company. I believe you all are a scam.


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