I’m Thinking of Using Relief, LLC for my Payday Loan Problems. – Sue

“Dear Steve,

Current problem: Need $2500 to stay out of danger with house and car payments. Already have terrible credit and $1250 (plus all the fees imaginable) in payday loan debt. If I could just get out of this hole, I could start to make improvements with other bills. Have taken on a second job to keep up with everything.

We do have a longer range solution, as my husband has filed for SS disability for very legitimate and documented reasons. When that come through, we should be able to get by until we can pay more things off.

I am terrified by debt management companies. My husband tried one, because he believed they would really help. They did nothing. After much arguing he did get all our money back except about $50.

Have you heard of Relief LLC out of NV? Are they legit?


Dear Sue,

I just did a review of the Relief, LLC site for you. I do have some concerns over the credit repair and collection call promises they make.

But I’m stuck in wondering if simply targeting the payday loans is the wrong approach. When people have money troubles they generally are not limited to one class of debt. They generally involve other loans and obligations as well.

In your case you mentioned you want to stay out of danger with the house and car payments and you allude to other bad debts with your “already have terrible credit” comment.

In my opinion you are much better off to invest whatever the fee would be for the Relief, LLC service into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you’d be able to keep your home and car, all collection calls would have to stop by law and a reasonable repayment plan would be developed based on what you can actually afford.

Before you do anything else or sign a contract with any company for debt help, click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and go talk to them about your situation. Don’t make a costly mistake that does not address your overall situation and help you to get a fresh start beginning today.

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What do you think? Make sense?


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9 thoughts on “I’m Thinking of Using Relief, LLC for my Payday Loan Problems. – Sue”

  1. Do not use Relief lcc, they are lazy. Their employees especially Molly and Nikki Sims lie and cheated some people I know. They will just set on your loans and collect a fee from you every month, a friend of mind paid more to them than they paid on her accounts. They did not even settle all of her accounts. Molly is extremely lazy, she is suppose to be a negoitiator but she will not negotiate anything, she will just take what the creditors, take a large fee each month for doing nothing. FIND ANOTHER AGENCY> This one is the worst. I would not lie to you.

  2. When my husband was laid off unexpectedly, he and I used Relief llc. TWO YEARS AGO and paid them well over $2000 dollars(in automatic payments deducted from our bank account) to settle 2 payday loan debts, Checksmart and Ace check cashing. We completed our agreement, paid our debt in full and were assured that our debts were taken care of…THEY ARE NOT. Checksmart kept refusing the payments that Relief set up, and Relief kept taking the payments out of our account anyway. They told us they were having problems getting Checksmart to cooperate, but NEVER ONCE told us that the matter was unresolved. We NEVER GOT ANY PAPERWORK following the completion of our payments(almost a years worth of payments), but the lady who handled our account assured me by phone that all was taken care of. Due to the fact that I was going through health problems(cancer), we believed them and let it go. Now, 2 YEARS LATER, we find that these debts are STILL ON OUR CREDIT REPORT. When I went to find the number to call them, BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN TWO YEARS, of course every number we called NOBODY FROM THE COMPANY COULD HELP US. All were VERY sympathetic, but noone could give me any number but the one for application, and NOBODY COULD GIVE ME A SUPERVISOR’S NUMBER. They kept referring us to a number that only led to a line with a recorded message. I finally, after hours of frustration, started punching in random extensions until I got someone to answer. When I did, the woman was cooperative, calmed me down and informed me that the computer records of our account showed that the CheckSmart company had been refusing the payments Relief set up for us the whole time we had been paying. I explained that the loan was still on our credit report and demanded to know what had happened to all of the money we had paid to them. I also requested a paper copy of all of the completed payment arrangements and agreement we had made with them . I was assured that it would be sent right out to us, and that they would work hard to resolve the matter and get back to me. THAT WAS A MONTH AGO> and the woman I originally spoke to, well no one answers THAT phone line anymore either. I had to go down to my bank and PAY THEM to pull up the records of the payments we made because IT HAS BEEN TWO YEARS SINCE WE THOUGHT THIS NIGHTMARE WAS OVER. So now we are out over $2000 plus fees and WE HAVE TO HIRE A LAWYER. I am extremely frustrated and we will be posting this review ANYWHERE WE SEE AN AD FOR RELIEF until SOME ONE, ANYONE from the company decides that we are important enough to call back. Our names are William and Nancy Spurlock from Lakewood, Ohio and we were ripped off by this company in 2010….

    • They did a friend of mine almost as bad. They took her money each month, and deducted a high fee and then they did nothing. Nikki Sims is the person that got my friend to sign up and when she did, Nikki would no longer answer her e-mails or talk to her. They have the worst negotiators, I don’t honestly know what they do all day. This is a very bad company, My friend is still suffering from stress and High blood pressure, not from dealing with her creditors but from dealing with Nikki Sims lies and them not paying off her loans. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, I AM WARNING YOU. You might as well flush your money down the toilet. Relief lcc is WORST THAN THE PREDATORY LENDERS.

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  4. Oh gosh, I should probably qualify what I mean by “Debt Settlement” company. I mean a program where you stop paying creditors, send money to the company you hired and when enough money has accrued, a settlement is offered. Very different from non/not for profit Consumer Credit Counseling.

  5. Hello to Steve and Sue.

    By profession, I’m a bill collector (who believes in and follows the FDCPA). As such, and also as a fellow consumer, I’ve found this site to be helpful and I’ve actually recommended it to consumers in debt I talk to.

    In my opinion, as someone who deals exclusively with people in financial distress, debt settlement companies, for the vast majority of individuals, ultimately hurt rather than help the consumer.

    I strongly, strongly recommend doing an internet search to educate yourself on what the FTC, the Better Business Bureau and your state Attorney General’s office has to say on the issue of debt a particular debt settlement company or the industry in general. If your Attorney General has no information, then search for information for those in Florida, New York, Illinois, North Carolina and Minnesota.
    I’ve found it to be informative and eye opening.

    I should also forewarn you, that I have seen many debt settlement companies rack up BBB complaints, only to then change their name and address to a new one so that they have a fresh start. Same company, new name, no online complaints!

    I also want you to know that 1. No debt settlement company can make a promise to reduce your debt. They cannot force or coerce the lender to settle. 2. They have no magic formula or, in my opinion and experience, more negotiation skill than you yourself have. If you can pick up the phone and offer your lender half what you owe, why pay someone thousands to say the exact same thing? 3. It doesn’t matter if the company has an attorney unless that attorney IS LICENSED TO PRACTICE LAW IN THE STATE YOU LIVE IN! And if the attorney is, if it were me, I’d want a written guarantee that if I was sued by a creditor, the attorney will represent me in local court (at their own expense).

    All of the accounts I collect on are in the pre-legal phase (last regular collection phase before an attorney takes it over) so when a consumer tells me they’ll have the debt paid within the two, three or four years the debt settlement company told them it’d take to pay everything off, it’s just sad.

    Most of the time they believe so completely in that company, I cannot convince them they don’t have that kind of time to address it. And that’s IF the consumer will even talk to me. Most of these companies tell consumers NOT to talk to anyone. So, if they get sued, the first they know of trouble is when a summons comes. I’ve had some very distressful and sad calls from consumers after an account I handled left me office and they want to know if it’s too late for me to help them.

    Sorry for being so verbose, but it’s a subject I feel strongly about. And, again, Steve, your website is wonderful and truly a great place to provide help and answers.
    P.S. I should also say again this is opinion and not to be taken for legal advice. : )


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