My 76 Year Old Mother Was Working With Allegro Law But Debt Collectors Are Calling. – Zinnia

“Dear Steve,

Hi, I am writing on behalf og my 76 year old mother who used Allegro for debt counseling about close to 2 years ago. She then lived in NYC and now resides in Virginia beach.

Allegro NEVER sent her any documentation on any of her debts, there was no contract, it was ll over the phone talking to a certain someone whom no longer works there. She has no prrof of Allegro paying off any of her debts. She is now getting threatening phone calls from the creditors. I told her to stop paying Allegro 6 months ago. The only proof she has is her canceled checks that someone was cashing.

What do we do now. I did call Tinamarie and she said she could not help us because we now live in Virginia and that is out of her district.

How do we go about getting back her monies, or even finding out if Allegro has paid anything.

Your reply is appreciated.

Thank You

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Dear Zinnia,

I need a few answers before I can best advise you. Please post the answers in the comments section below this question.

In the Allegro debt management program your mother would have paid monthly and those payments would have been divided up and sent to her creditors each month. Did she show any payments at on on her statements from the creditors?

Is it possible she was actually in the Allego debt settlement program and just not sure what she signed up for? In the debt settlement program she would have made payments into an escrow account from which Allegro would deduct payment for their fees and then hopefully save up some money to be used for settlements. Since it seems no payments were sent to creditors this seems like the more likely program she was in. The clue for me is the fact she is now getting calls from debt collectors who are looking for payment.

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How much debt does your mother have and how much can she afford to repay on a monthly basis?

P.S. Please update me on your progress by Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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