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Unknown. Not on site and no registered company found with the name of Decision One Solutions.


DecisionOneSolutions.com Domain name was registered on January 21, 2010 and is owned by Michael Basilicato. mikeyb@mybuzzteam.com


“A full service debt solution company” – from Decision One Solutions sales video.

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Decision One Solutions is a full service Debt Solutions Company started in 2010. We offer an array of products and services for our clients. The companies that we decided to partner up with have been servicing customers for over 100 years combined. – Source


Michael Basilicato – AKA MikeyBee

I could find no registered company under the name of Decision One Solutions registered in Pennsylvania where the domain name is registered.

Decision One Solutions Business Card Michael BasillicatoDecision One Solutions Business Card Michael Basillicato
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Tel: 800-490-4860 – Source
FAX: 800-685-9871

Christopher Ramsey – Source


Through Michael Basilicato I found the following other business opportunities or networking marketing activities he is involved with.

5 Star Global Live – Local Ad LinkSource
Buzz Team
XanGo – See video below

title=”Decision One Solutions Review”
description=”A review about Decision One Solutions.”

Interesting Points

This debt relief company appears to have been created recently by someone with a background in network marketing and not debt relief.

While the company may have partnered with more experienced service providers I am concerned by some of the incorrect facts in the videos and site, in my opinion many people marketing this service are going to run into trouble with the law and regulators in many states since they may just be jumping into this “business opportunity” rather than understanding the reality of the debt relief world.

Some of the information presented like “Fair Debt Collection Protection Act” use the wrong name. In my opinion, if Michael Basilicato is the owner of this company and he doesn’t even know the basics it does not bode well for people buying these services. For example, in another video he talks about eliminating your interest in the debt settlement program and it appears to be implied that people can settle their debt for 50% in 3 to 48 months.

The company proudly sells “Credit Repair” services but their sales pitch in my opinion is clearly in violation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act and pitches how some company called Aggressive Credit Repair, they must have partnered with, can remove negative information from a credit report. The Aggressive web site says this services “starts at” $59 per month.

Decision One Solutions is also selling an auto loan modification service. This appears to be nothing more than yet another loan modification service for a secured debt. These types of modifications are hugely unsuccessful and loan modification companies, even those that do auto loan modifications have not been able to get loans modified. The auto loan scheme seems to be yet developing and I’m sure more complaints will surface in general. My prediction is that as more companies get into auto loan modification services we will see more lawsuits and attorney general complaints over these services.

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The Decision One Solutions auto loan modification page promises:

Some of the solutions you can expect to see are:

  • Lowering Your payments
  • Reduce Your Loan Balance
  • Fix Your Interest Rate
  • Stop Repossession NOW
  • Keep your assets –

Decision One Solutions also promotes a home loan modification program. The home loan modification programs offered by most providers have been ineffective, heavily regulated, have shown no results and are one of the most complained about debt relief services.

The debt settlement program is in my opinion, one to be avoided. The company promises results but has only been in business a few months at the time of this review. I find it hard to believe any claims of results they may have only from second hand knowledge. What they have not learned yet is the debt settlement world is a quagmire of legal problems, attorney based debt settlement networks have been closed down by different states, and past results are not a prediction of future results.

There is no mention of the fees for their debt settlement program.

They make, in my opinion, some ridiculous statements regarding debt settlement instead of bankruptcy.

  1. “…thus enabling the debtor to save money without the ramifications of having to file bankruptcy.”
  2. “Bankruptcy can eliminate all of your debt, but the consequences of bankruptcy can often outweigh its benefits.”
  3. “The bankruptcy process is often expensive, invasive and uncertain.”
  4. “Bankruptcy stays on your credit for 7-10 years; and the impact of a bankruptcy will negatively affect you as far as credit and the ability to obtain financing for years to come.”

All of the statements about bankruptcy above appear to be nothing more than the typical misinformation used to sell debt settlement services and has no relationship to reality.

And my favorite quote on the debt settlement page has to be, “Debt Resolution while problematic to your credit will usually have less of an adverse effect on your credit and over a shorter period of time.” What? That’s just not true.

They did do a better than average job of making sure to explain while in a debt settlement program your credit would be shot.

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RED FLAG: In the sales presentations and the debt settlement page on the site there is no mention of the potential tax implications, continued collections, lawsuit potential, judgment and wage garnishment potentials of participating in a debt settlement program. At one point in a video Michael mentions that the President speaks about debt settlement, yeah, maybe to warn people about it.

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Decision One Overview for Potential Custoemrs

Incorrect Statements Made in Video

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In the video above Michael Basilicato, the founder of this company makes the following incorrect statements.

  1. You can get a judgment against your home. Wrong.
  2. You can get a judgment against your credit. Wrong.
  3. He says that when you work with Decision One they will immediately send cease & desisit letters to your creditors so they stop contacting the consumer. But a cease & desist letter have no power over an original creditor, so big deal. And a cease & desist letter send to a collection agency may only hasten a lawsuit.
  4. Creditors require an attorney to negotiate and settle a debt. Wrong.
  5. Only an attorney can challenge the validity of the debt. Wrong.
  6. Once in the debt settlement program your payments will be interest free and affordable. “Whatever interest you are paying right now will be eliminated in our program.” Not only will creditors continue to charge interest but also penalties as well.
  7. Team of attorneys that actually represents you. Not sure how they get around the attorney licensing requirements for representation unless they have an attorney in each state.
  8. “Your going to retain the service of attorneys, you are going to be represented by attorneys.” Again, I find it highly improbable that the consumer is paying for specific legal representation by a lawyer licensed in their state.
  9. “According to the Fair Debt Collection Protection Act only an attorney can stop collection calls.” Wrong. It’s the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and anyone can send a cease & desist letter to a third party collector to stop calls.
  10. It is presented that a $10,000 debt will be settled for $5,500 interest free. An unlikely and unsubstantiated clam. Makes no mention of the cost of the program as well.
  11. No up-front cost to the program. I find it highly suspect that the underlying debt settlement program is not front-loading fees from the payment the consumer would be making into the program.


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How to Sell Decision One Solutions Services

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