Debt Relief Company and Site Review Policy

The purpose of this site is to educate and help consumers who are facing a credit, debt or financial situation. This site is not primarily a debt relief company review site.

But from time-to-time I do write reviews about companies and/or sites, primarily in the debt relief world. So I wanted to help explain my policy and approach in reviewing sites or companies. in fact you may be reading this now because I wrote a review about your company.

I have no vendetta against any single person or company. The reviews I write are not the result of me hunting down a company or targeting a particular company. They are the result of a question from a reader or information in a story or press release the company itself sent out that I saw and it piqued my curiosity.

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We need to start with the same understanding, that consumers in financial trouble create for themselves a disadvantaged class of people that need information in order to be able to make good decisions to find an appropriate remedy to their situation. All good companies would agree it is a good thing for consumers to make informed decisions. As Sy Syms always said, “An educated consumer is our best customer.”

Information presented in my reviews is for the most part the result of online research, my opinion and public information that I feel is important for readers to know. From time-to-time I receive emails sent to click here from people with inside knowledge about a particular company. Much of that information I never publish.

The information in the reviews comes from public information that exists already about your company that people to find by searching online. Getting mad at me about that is like picking a fight with Ronald McDonald for a bad Happy Meal.

This site works best when two sides of an issue can be presented and the reader can read both sides and make up their own mind. This goes for reviews about companies as well. I always welcome the company I may have written about to post a response in the comments of that article so any reader can read it.

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There is a good way and a bad way to post a response.

The Bad Way: The wrong approach would be for the company to come out swinging against me. Simply from a public relations point of view it is much better for future readers to see the company responded in a level headed way with common sense and tact. Here is a classic example of how a company should NOT respond.

The Good Way: The right way to respond can be seen in the response given by Justynn Royal from Financial Relief Experts. Justynn posted a comment as the result of the review I wrote and offered his explanation and clarification. Click here to read the example of the right way to respond. I think any reader of this review would come away with a positive view of Financial Relief Experts because of Justynn’s response.

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