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Oak View Law Group Review

This debt relief company came to my attention from the article “Did You Go to Law School to Earn $12 an Hour?” in which Oak View Law Group was mentioned. – Source


Head Office:
8421 Auburn Blvd. #145, Suite B
Citrus Heights, CA 95610-0394 – Source

Operations Center:
680 Greenbrae Drive Suite 246
Sparks, NV 89431 – Source

Registered Agent:
1200 Emerson Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301 – Source

Website: Domain was registered on May 12, 2007 and the administrative contact is listed as Alex Bond.


A law firm that specializes in a number of areas, including debt relief.


“OVLG is owned by two attorneys, Mr. Kalani (Licensed to practice law in India) and Mr. Marman (Licensed to practice law in California).” – Source

James Simpson, the Operations Manager of Oak View Law Group said “I would like to clarify that Oak View Law Group is owned by Mr Kalani…” – Source

Mr. Kalani’s Linkedin profile lists him as owner and president of Oak View Law Group. – Source

Joseph Marman – [email protected]
Virendra Kalani – [email protected]

Oak View Law Group Attorney Directory – Source

The BBB lists that the Nevada branch or office of Oak View Law Group is owned by Christopher Hewitt. – Source

In one of the OVLG videos the manager is said to be Allex Bond (“Amit Bajaj”).

Company Background


Toll free phone numbers:

For clients: 800 530 OVLG (6854)

For opposing party counsel: 800 952 OVLG (6854)

Local numbers at head office:
916 676 1242

Local number at registered agent:
650 777 5358

Local number at operations center:
775 241 4025

Fax numbers:

Toll free fax number:
800 637 OVLG (6854)

Local fax number at operations center:
775 546 2020


Debt Consolidation Care is a marketing channel for OVLG. Also, Mr. Vikas Kedia, owner of Debt
Consolidation Care, manages some of the technology systems for OVLG. – Source

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Interesting Points

One thing you’ve got to give a pat on the back to OVLG is they put it all out there for people to see, including their fee schedule.

Their debt settlement fee structure is among the lowest, if not the lowest, I’ve ever seen:

For debt amount less than $10,000:
Enrollment fee:
$100 per creditor.

Monthly maintenance fee:
$50 irrespective of the number of creditors.

Success fee:
10% of the savings.

For debt amount of $10,000 and more:
Enrollment fee:
5% of total debt amount.

Monthly maintenance fee:
$50 irrespective of debt amount.

Success fee:
10% of the savings. – Source

I did enjoy the following FAQ from their site:

Do people in the Indian call center of OVLG use their real names?
The call center employees of OVLG in India use Pseudo names. If you are comfortable with pronouncing their Indian names please ask them for it and they will be happy to give it to you. – Source

The Oak View Law Group is very open about the fact they are primarily driven by what appears to be an Indian call center. In fact they even publish their employee directory online which shows both the Anglo name and real name of each employee.

Oak View Law Group Employee Directory

To see the entire employee directory, click here.

For some people, it may be uncomfortable knowing their personal and financial information is being handled in a foreign country. It appears the mail and finance departments are also run by the call center in India. See directory listing below. But the reality in todays world is that many mainstream financial institutions host operations and call center departments in India and elsewhere.

Oak View Law Group Employee Directory

One thing is certain, you’ve got to give this group a pat on the back about being open. They might be primarily an operation centered in India but they are more forthcoming with information that almost all their U.S. based counterparts.

Two examples of openness are the customer survey results they publish on their site, which seem entirely real and the 328 client testimonial videos they make available as well here. My one complaint, tell people to lift up the laptop when recording their video. I could not watch one more chin focused video. LOL.

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BBB Reviews & Ratings

Oak View Law Group BBB

BBB report at the time I did this review.


You can check for any complaints, click here.

Picture of Web Site

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Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • forgot to paste it

    1. A consultancy fee of $50 will be taken for providing a monthly 30 minutes consultation with our savings and budgeting consultants. This fee will be adjusted with the success fee.

    • forgot to paste it

      1. A consultancy fee of $50 will be taken for providing a monthly 30 minutes consultation with our savings and budgeting consultants. This fee will be adjusted with the success fee.

  • We have written a letter to BBB and here is a link to it:

    The summary of the letter is:
    1. Over the last 4 years we had 6400 clients and 20 complains with BBB.
    A. The complaint statistics reported by BBB are wrong since 3 of the complaints were not against us, though they have been put in our file.

    2. We are one of the very few firms in this industry with 100% no question asked money back policy.

    3. Our competitors with far more complaints are rated favorably by BBB.

    4. To maintain a balanced perspective see over 40 client video testimonials on

    5. In the Trust link community which is a BBB program we are rated: 4 stars from 146 customer

    We feel confident that there is a misunderstanding between BBB and OLVG and we are working with BBB to get the rating back.

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