Do I Qualify for Bankruptcy? – Oscar

“Dear Steve,

I’m 28years old. 11,000.00 in debt. I’m constantly being harassed by crediters and am being sued by one of them and I don’t make enough to pay them all.I have tried debt consolidation but i got fired and was unemployed for 3 months now I’m trying to play catch up with all my bills but can’t seem to get there.

I have about 11,000.00 in debt do I qualify for bankruptsy, if so can I eliminate all my debt or do I have to pay a certain amount back instead of the 11 g’s. Around how much will it cost ? How hard will it be to rebuild my credit? Can you refer me to any good lawyers that won’t over charge me?


Dear Oscar,

If you have not filed bankruptcy in the last 240 days you will be eligible for some form of bankruptcy. If you click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney you can speak to them about your specific situation and the laws of your state which will apply.

There is no minimum amount of debt you must have. Bankruptcy will stop collection calls and lawsuits.

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Steve Rhode

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