What Can You Tell Me About American Credit Group? – Taylor

“Dear Steve,

I have bad credit (not horrible) and about 6,000 in credit card debt. I really don’t know how to go about dealing with it all, so I did some google research and found a company that says they’ve been in business 16 years.

They are rated #1 by a review site and was just hoping you could give me any kind of advice to make sure Im doing the right thing.

The company is American Credit Group www.americancreditgroup.com and they are rated no. 1 by this company http://www.onlinecreditguide.org/

Any advice would be really appreciated


Dear Taylor,

I just completed my review for you of the American Credit Group site. You can read my review of American Credit Group here.

I really don’t put much into those rating sites like onlinecreditguide.org. The common denominator I could find is that the sites listed have affiliate programs. Absent any criteria on how the companies were rated we could assume they are listed in order of referral fees paid to the site. I just don’t know.

So let’s start first with what your situation is. The minimum payment on $6,000 in credit card debt is about $120 a month. Are you able to afford that each month? Do you know what your credit score is? If so, what is it?

Please update me on your progress by Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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