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Universal Debt Settlement – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

Please share your experience with this debt relief company and provide your review and feedback, in the comments section below.

The goal of this page is to allow people to share information that may be important to help others to make a more informed decision regarding their experience with this debt relief company. Here are some potential questions you might be able to provide feedback about.

  • How did you feel about the customer service experience you received?
  • Was the company easy to communicate with before or after you became a client?
  • Did the company respond to your communications promptly?
  • What were the fees charged for the services you received?
  • Did the company give you the terms and conditions for the program you were interested in before you gave them any personal information?
  • Was the program successful for you and accomplish the goals you had when you entered the program?
  • Did you have a really good experience you can share?
  • Did you have a bad experience you want to share?
  • Is there any other information you’d like people to know that might be considering the services of this company?

It is important to understand when reading comments below that they are the opinions of the individual posters and may not be representative of the overall impression of all consumers that may have or have not used the debt relief services of this company. But everyone does deserve to have an opportunity to express their opinion, even the debt relief company itself, be it good, bad, or indifferent.


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Steve Rhode
Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.
  • kimberly Fox

    I would recomend this company to anyone whoe needs help. They got me in and out of the program in 9 months and with there credit repair program, I am now able to purchase my first home!

    Thank You Universal, good to know good guys do exsist!

  • http://Website Mike Millett

    how do i remove my comments from your site? I want my info removed, so does my friend.

  • http://Website Mike Millett


    I don’t like what you were implying in your above comment, this site is suppose to be helpful to the general public and insulting your viewers in front of the world wide web I don’t believe is appropriate. I would like to ask you a question though .I have seen several articles where you negatively bash debt settlement. I just enrolled into a program last night with an organization that is licensed and people are having good success with. I have done my research and found a slew of great info, facts and data from the TASC site and other consumers that have successfully completed programs like these, but I would be curious to see what legal data you have to back up your statements.

    • Steve Rhode


      I’m just trying to figure out how you and Ben posted comments from the same IP address and you asked him a question in the comments before I had even approved his comment for the site. Dude, it’s just a mystery.

      Back up my statement about what specifically? Point to a specific post and what fact you are talking about and I’ll be happy to discuss that specific issue with you.


      • http://Website Mike Millett

        I would prefer not to argure with you over your site. the reason the IP is the same is becuase we share the same cubile at our job ( different shifts) He referred me to the company that he has been working with but he left the building before I got the name of his agent that he works with, hense the point oof my comment on your site.

      • Steve Rhode


        Your comment and Ben’s comment was 9 minutes apart. Seriously, you can’t just put a sticky note on the computer you share and ask him directly? Ben never answered you anyway here, the sticky note would have obviously been more effective.

        So you wanted to talk to me about “legal facts” but when I want to discuss the facts of your comment with you would prefer not to discuss it? What’s up with that?

        I’m interested, what kind of work do you and Ben do there in your shared cubicle?


  • http://Website Ben Rollins

    I would recomend Universal Debt Settlement to anyone that has credit card debt. They settled more then half of my debt in under a year and the staff is first class!

    • http://Website Mike Millett

      If you dont mind me asking who did you work with? Do you reccomend anyone at Universal in paticular?

      • Steve Rhode


        What has me curious is how you were responding to Ben’s comment before I ever posted it.


      • http://Website Mike Millett

        Hi Steve,

        Thats a good question I saw the comment on my computer so I posted a question.


      • Steve Rhode

        The perplexing thing is that the only way for you to see the comment would be if you and Ben used the same computer since I had not posted it yet. Why didn’t you just ask Ben since he used your computer? Do you really need to use this site as a way to communicate with someone in your home or office?


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