Spirit Airlines to Charge for Carry-On Bags, Ryanair Installs Pay Toilets on Planes

The grand days of air travel have been gone for a long time but two recent announcements in the past day just confirm that to fly now is akin to taking a sky bus. But as far as I remember you can still pee for free on a Greyhound bus.

Photo Credit: Aleksi Aaltonen

Ryanair is a European airline that makes you get on and off the plane in the rain using the slippery fold-up stairs. Think I’m kidding, just fly out of Liverpool like I did. When I lived in the UK I frequently flew on them since they had such ridiculously cheap fares. With seats starting at a penny it was hard to pass up the deals for booking early. Ryanair was the first airline I ever flew that had onboard advertisements on the overhead bins, charged you for food, sold lottery tickets and perfume.

Now Ryanair has announced they are going to remove some toilets on planes and replace them with six additional seats. The remaining toilets will be available on a “pay to pee” basis. For about $1.40 per visit you can have the privilege of using an in-flight toilet.

U.S. based Spirit Airlines said it will now charge passengers $45 to put a bag in the overhead bin. With summer vacations coming, travel just got more expensive on Spirit Airlines.

My vote, fly Southwest where you can check a bag for free, take a carry-on bag for free and enjoy the toilet for free as well.

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