I Listened to You and Discharged My Debt. – Lynn

“Dear Steve,

I have written to you many times and you have given me great advice.

I went Bankrupt and the whole process itself was not that bad, just how I felt about it was tough.

I thought I had a good lawyer, but he turned out to be very rude. He never answers any calls from me and sent me another bill for an additional 500.00 for a bunch of things that should have been included in the original cost. (ex. Charging to attend the 341 meeting with me) Anyhow it is what it is and I can’t argue with an attorney.

My question is, I just got a letter in the mail from the Bankruptcy court stating I recieved a Discharge. Does this mean I am done with this whole mess now? Will I still be Hearing from the trustee about anything? It was a chapter 7, everything that was to be reaffirmed is already done.

Nothing to be sold, but the trustee never asked for my tax refund. The attorney said he may not because it was less that a certain amount I was allowed. So is this it? am I finally on my way to a new life.

I really don’t want to ask the attorney, one, he does not call back and 2, he charges for even a 2 minute conversation. I hope this is it, I was so worried It would be denied because it was my foolishness and bad habits that got me to this point. I am so grateful that there was help, I only wish there was another way. I really tried. Thank you for all your support and advice. To all those out there in fear of the process, the stress relief out ways all the pain of going through it. Now its time to start fresh!

Thank You


Dear Lynn,

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I’m so sorry to hear your bankruptcy attorney had crappy people skills. Every profession has them, poor communicators that is.

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The good news is that with that discharge letter you are done. It’s over. Your debt has been officially discharged and is not your problem anymore.

Now it is time to start the next phase of your life.

First thing I want you to do is get a copy of your consolidated credit report, with all three credit bureaus on it. You need to check all of them and make sure that all your debt that was discharged in your bankruptcy is showing that is was included and now closed. If anything doesn’t show that it was included you can write to the credit bureau reporting it and include a copy of your bankruptcy document showing it was included. By doing that you will provide the bureau enough information to update the record themselves.

Once you do that then we’ll have to start getting you back into the credit game using a couple of secured cards that report to the credit bureaus. It’s important to do that now so your credit report doesn’t end of a downer.

Please update me on your progress by

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