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Hey Mr. Check in Detroit, Michigan, What the Hell?

I saw this advertisement for a company called Mr. Check.

Mr. check has 20 years of credit consolidation service under its belt. We can help you clean your credit and bring your score up, as well as help you get the loans that you need. Mr. Check will stop those debt collectors from calling and harassing you and we will work with them to help you settle your debts for as low as 20 cents on the dollar. Don’t just go to anybody, come to experience. Call us today at 586-759-2327 or come visit us at are office located in Center-line off Vandyke just south of 10 mile. – Source

This statement in their ad “help you settle your debts for as low as 20 cents on the dollar” really made me take notice. Now I know I can’t believe anything they are saying.

The phone number came back to a Mr. Check, Inc. but when I looked up Mr. Check, Inc. with the State of Michigan it said that company was automatically dissolved in 1992. – Source

The interesting thing that made me laugh was that apparently the company was also known as AA Collection Agency. This is a full service company.

Unless I totally missed something, it sure looks like this finance, credit repair, debt collector, debt settlement, credit counseling company has been operating unlicensed since 1992. I called the company but only got voice mail.

If you are a consumer thinking about using this company at 24735 Van Dyke Ave, #2, Center Line, MI, my opinion, run away!


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  • Honestly getoutofdebt Steve, I used to work at a collection company and guess what- they buy charged off debt for 5 to 10% of what the original debt was!  I don’t really know a lot about this “Mr. Check” service, but I do know that for a collection agency that is buying debt for 10% and settling for 20% sounds like a pretty great deal for the collection company. 
    Companies can sell the debt for low to collection companies because they can unload the debt off the books easily, do not have to retain their own collection department or attorneys and can still take the remaining 90% of the original debt they lost and mark it on their taxes as a loss-either this year or apply it to a past or future profitable year. So I would not count out some who has experience in the the collection field who switched sides to settling debts because they know more of the interworking then anyone else would (like a prosecutor or judge that starts their own criminal defense firm- wouldn’t you want that person to defend you).  So therefore I do believe that some companies that have experience with collections can be a great asset when helping people settle old debts.

  • For your info, Mr Check Inc, is the best, they have done tremendous job for my family. My mom and dad out of a bad situation, smiler to your, Yes Mr Check Inc got some Issues, but nothing has to do with, how or what they do for there clients. Mr Check Inc has a sister company witch is Credit Plus LLC, they Paid some of the settlement for my family out of there escrow account tell we had the money, they worked with us my dad was suicidal tell Mr Check talk to him and advice him on what to do! unfortunately, Mr Check past away six months ago. Thank God his sons wore trained to do what there dad used too, they are doing a greed job! for very little money. they have relative who are lawyers thy often make fun of them, there told that you do more work then we do for chum change, the sons reply the joy is in helping people, Mr Check/Credit plus LLC are here to stay. Now if you are in the same business, Please there is enough people in great deal anguish and terrible situation In need of help Please do your share Thank you

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