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FBL Associates – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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  • How did you feel about the customer service experience you received?
  • Was the company easy to communicate with before or after you became a client?
  • Did the company respond to your communications promptly?
  • What were the fees charged for the services you received?
  • Did the company give you the terms and conditions for the program you were interested in before you gave them any personal information?
  • Was the program successful for you and accomplish the goals you had when you entered the program?
  • Did you have a really good experience you can share?
  • Did you have a bad experience you want to share?
  • Is there any other information you’d like people to know that might be considering the services of this company?

It is important to understand when reading comments below that they are the opinions of the individual posters and may not be representative of the overall impression of all consumers that may have or have not used the debt relief services of this company. But everyone does deserve to have an opportunity to express their opinion, even the debt relief company itself, be it good, bad, or indifferent.


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Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • fbl & associates took my cotract from please reduce my debt and let the intersest pile up for 9 months. i had a judgement against me and i personally found out by contacting my creditors that not one dime has been paid out. i want my $2000 back.

    • Hey Allen,
      Same here! I joined them in Nov of last year. Nothing has been done, nothing has been paid out and worst? I am awaiting to be served with documents from my Sears. Note, I called all of my creditors too, not only have they NOT recieved any money, but they haven’t received any communications from this creeps! I also am asking for my $2000 back, or I will be serving them with a small claims lawsuit.

      • For the record, I don’t believe a word from ESP or P&E or Safetrust whoever the hell they are. Nothing has been done on my accounts and they claim my creditors are lying. I was able to settle to an amount much like they boast they can do and I did mine free, on afternoon from my own home. Need help? Ask me how I did it.

          • Its very easy Melissa. Don’t dodge your creditors and speak with one rep from each company. If you do want to settle your debt make that abundintly clear. If they are abusive or rude in any way then just ask to speak to someone else.   Make a reasonable offer and follow through with what you do.  I feel sorry for all of you that have been swindled by these companies.  FBL is one of the worst.  Their phones do not even work half of the time.  If you have any questions please don’t hesisitate to ask just message me on facebook.

      • You did not join FBL Associates!!! They are a law firm not a debt settlement company. You joined the debt settlement program with an affiliate who sold you software to settle debts on,line with the creditors. READ YOUR CONTRACT!!!!!

        • Interesting enough that is not the way it was presented to me. When I signed up they told me it was with fbl ASSOCIATES. I asked to speak to a supervisor when deciding whether or not to choose this company and the gentleman got on the phone and Identified himself as …. and said he was a lawyer with FBL! Clearly I was scammed!

  • To the FBL Associates PC team:Are the Expert Settlement Professionals the only debt settlement company that you deal with? Could I deal with an agreement directly with you or any other company? Please respond by email ASAP. Thank you. Don Johnson <[email protected]

    • ESP is not a debt settlement company, it is debt settlement software. Please read the contract you signed. If you need further explanation, call our office.

  • Oh Stevie, how fiction can be fun. One of the best business men in the world (my father) always says, “The guy who’s constantly defending his job, isn’t doing it right”. I look at it like this, you go off topic and start talking about your daughter and family and blah blah blah to hide the fact that serious allegations were brought upon you and your company. If you are this simple, honest guy who’s just helping the people, why are the people talking about how they currently have lawsuits against you? Hmmmm, sounds to me that you try and trash companies like FBL, that ARE helping people deal with creditors to make you and your scam look like god’s gift. If Myvista was just out to help people why is it not flourishing in the economic state this country is in? Is it because you are too busy helping little old ladies across the street and donating money to orphanages? Look, the fact is, you built a company on lies and false promises, and then when California came after you, you “respectfully” stepped down. HAHAHA!!! I gotta love ya Stevie, I mean putting testimonials on your homepage from people that are apparently “fighting terminal cancer” is just plain genius. I know after reading the extensive list of horrible reviews on you, reading one good review from some guy fighting cancer would change everything I thought about you. I mean look at that little vote poll you have on us, seems to me that the people have spoken. I think you giving your books away for free actually come with a price. The price is wrong Stevie.

    • Sixceed,

      What serious allegations are you talking about? The California thing? I certainly would not classify that as a “serious allegation.” It was an issue, and I openly talk about it and have for years. You can read the story here. If there was any “serious allegation” to be made from that event it would be me pissed off at California for making erroneous claims about a service at the time. I am not being sued.

      You are welcome to rant away and express your opinion, just as I am free to express mine, but ranting does not make any of what you say true.

      What I find interesting is that while you accuse me of being upset feeling I have said something about your company which is not true, you’ve spewed nothing but lies about me. Otherwise, what in the world did I say in the post above that is incorrect and you wish to correct?

      And people are free to vote however they want to but i think any positive voting will be eroded by your mean spirited and false comments. I’m not the one making the insults here. You are.

      What are the URLs of the “horrible reviews” you are talking about? I’d like a chance to see them and respond to them.

      I’m curious, how does a free book come with a price when it’s free?


    • Alright Six,

      Let me ask you the following questions:

      The company you work for is?

      Oh wait, never mind, I got it right here:

      Here is the registration for the domain http://www. fblassociates.com
      FBL Associates
      Administrative Contact:
      Silva, Mike [email protected]

      And the domain http://www.safetrustfinancial.com

      Safe Trust Financial
      Administrative Contact:
      Garcia, Efrain [email protected]

      Correct me if I am wrong but both emails are listed to @lfg101.com, could this be the old website for Lifeguard Financial?

      Let’s let the readers make their own decision on who is telling the truth!

      P.S. Karma

  • Hi Steve,
    My name is Six, I have been reading your articles pertaining to debt settlement companies, especially the ones about FBL Associates. I am a Senior Legal Liaison at the company and I have to take issue with your comments. I’m a bit confused that you are constantly using our companies name and the words: fraud, and lies in the same story. You point out the obvious and try to use it against us. Putting our contract on your site, then telling people it confuses you is not a valid argument. You aren’t the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. This is a standard contract that all of our customers are walked through and urged NOT to sign until every detail is covered, every question is answered, and every concern is taken care of. Enough about us Mr. Rhode, how about we focus on you and your “debt expertise”. How about we focus on your company Myvesta, or Debt Counselors of America. That’s right Stevie, I know how to Google too, see people, other than the fact that California has a cease and desist order against his former company for not complying with state law, what our Mr. Rhode is failing to mention in the midst of his “expert advice”, is that he himself is the fraud. Turns out Stevie has been peddling debt advice and has been shut down for not following state law. In 2003 Mr. Rhode and his co-founder were forced to resign from running the company. So what did Stevie do? He appoints his wife as the President. So he commits fraud, the state of California Pursues him, and then appoints his wife to run the company, bravo Stevie. I’m a bit confused on how you sold people on the fact your company was “non-profit”, although, there was a $495 enrollment fee, and then a $200 per month “maintenance fee”. So I hope this gets the truth out about our little “debt guru”. You might want to re-consider using the tagline, “Totally free help and honest answers from the Get Out of Debt Guy – Steve Rhode. The only advice I would take of you is how to look like George Costanza.

    Thanks for Reading the Truth,

    • Sixceed,


      If you are the senior legal liaison at FBL, oy vey.

      All that crap you quoted came from this erroneous report about me on the web. You can read it here and while you are there, you might want to read my response to it that was posted months ago.

      Let me give you the short version.

      California: I have publicly spoken about the “interesting” interaction we had with the State of California late in 2002. It’s no secret and in fact I outed myself on this. Anyone can read the whole story and how we resolved the very confusing and bizarre issue with California by reading my article here.

      Shut Down: Nope.

      Forced to Resign: Not true. If anything, my temporary departure as president of Myvesta could be best described as a sabbatical. I did take one year off as president but continued to serve as chairman of the board. I took the year off because I realized that over the years of founding and growing the non-profit group I had spent more time with the organization than with my daughter who was soon to graduate from high school and go off to college. I wanted to spend more time with her. I returned to my position of President of Myvesta a year latter.

      Enrollment Fee: At Myvesta we had a number of programs that were offered. They ranged from simple debt advice to the first ever inpatient treatment center for compulsive spending issues and money disorders. We helped people from finding a job to dealing with tax issues and managing their finances. We had a talented and special staff of experts to assist debtors with professional services. Mediations, Negotiators, Attorneys, Tax Experts, CPAs, Financial Planners, Psychologist, Lending Experts, Human Resources, etc. Some programs had fees for these professional services but no program I remember ever had a $200 a month maintenance fee.



      • Really, I call all my clients back. Your are a client if you are sued by a creditor. You signed on with an affiliate for debt settlement. FBL is a law firm, WE DO NOT SETTLE DEBTS. Read your contract!!!!

        • Do you think you could post your real name, I did? Call me at the office, I will more than happy to set the facts straight with you about your account.

    • Your company is the biggest joke in the world! I have been screwed by them and I am going to sue them. I was given erronous information when I began your program and have spent a year dodging my creditors and now you have almost 10,000 dollars of my money and I am about to loose every thing that i have worked 40 years for. I could have put my money away in my own savings accounts and done a better job than your company has done! I am paying 850 a month towards the program and after 1 year have a mere 2,600 in reserves. Really!! Have done nothing for me at all and I will prevail!

    • This is a lie. I signed up on a 24 mont agreement with Lifeguard Financial/FBL Associates. I was led to believe they worked similar to a Credit Counselor and that in 24 months my accounts would be paid in full. I just fullfilled my 24 month agreement and not one of my accounts have been paid at all. I have requested all money that I have paid to be sent back to me since in my opinion FBL breached their contract with me by not settling my accounts. The accounts I had were with banks FBL claims to have the best success with, (Bank of America, Chase, etc.) All I have received was 2 garnishments being served on me and FBL now telling me they are not obligated to offer legal assistance to me. This was also part of the agreement I signed. So far I haven’t had a response on how much of my money I will receive back from FBL. This is what I have experience since I signed with them. They are not good at responding to phone calls, emails or faxes. I have tried all three. And no! No one ever took the time to cover everything in the contract with me. All he wanted was for me to sign the agreement and get his feels.

      I feel I have been taken advantage of. I don’t care what you want to call it and I will tell anyone who will listen to my story if it saves them from making the same mistake I made. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but this is definitely the worst.


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