Certified Debt Mediator Seal, Worthless or a Scam. Don’t Fall For It.

Certified Debt MediatorI’ve started to notice that some companies are using the Certified Debt Mediator seal to help build consumer confidence in the financial services they are offering.

The sites I’ve seen seem to use similar language in describing what this seal means.

A Certified Debt Mediator must pass a six month course to become a “Certified Debt Mediator.” This ensures the person negotiating on your behalf clearly understands FDCPA guidelines, state by state garnishment laws, hardship guidelines, bankruptcy laws and the legal process pertaining to arbitrations and/or summons. Each Mediator must have knowledge to develop a successful client strategy suited best for each individual client. They are trained experts in negotiations tactics and have a commitment to help clients become debt free. To ensure you have the very best representation request your accounts are being managed by a ‘Certified Debt Mediator’. – Source

The Certified Debt Mediator Designation Looks Worthless to Me

While a number of sites display this seal, not one site I found had any link or explanation who the testing or certifying body of the Certified Debt Mediator seal actually is. Sites displaying the seal were a mix of TASC, USOBA and independent companies.

Consider this, if someone must actually pass a “six month course” there is generally an entity or certifying body behind such an endeavor. I could find no such entity.

More troublesome, based on the description of the mark that describes that a student “clearly understands FDCPA guidelines, state by state garnishment laws, hardship guidelines, bankruptcy laws and the legal process pertaining to arbitrations and/or summons” it looks like the people displaying this seal could come very close or step over the line of the unauthorized practice of law.

My opinion, don’t let this seal give you any sort of confidence that the services of a company displaying is special. In fact, I’d discount the services of any company displaying the seal.

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Companies I Found Displaying the Seal or Talking About Their Certification

  • Financial Crossroads – financialcrossroads.com
  • Solve Debts – solvedebts.com
  • Freedom Debt Center – freedomdebtcenter.com
  • United Liberty Debt Settlement – uldebt.com
  • TransDebt – transdebt.com (same looking site as Solve Debts)
  • EquiStar Debt Solutions – equistardebtsolutions.com
  • Action Debt – actiondebt.com
  • People Debt – peopledebt.com
  • Covenant Debt Solutions – cov4bills.com
  • Pro-Net Financial – howtowipeoutdebt.com
  • Debt Relief, Addiza Debt Relief – debtreliefinc.com
  • Knowledge Shield – myknowledgeshield.com
  • New Beginning Debt Solutions – newbeginningdebt.com
  • Rid Credit Card Debts – ridcreditcarddebts.com
  • Nationwide Debt Resolution – nationwidedebtresolution.com
  • Ascend Financial Solutions – ascendfinancialsolutions.com
  • Wipe Out Credit Card Debts – wipeoutcreditcarddebts.com (same site as Rid Credit Card Debts)
  • Debt Relief Group – debtrg.com
  • Apex Debt Relief – apexdebtrelief.com
  • Consumer Debt Experts – consumerdebtexperts.com
  • Newport Financial Services – newportdebtrelief.com
  • United Liberty Debt Settlement – uldebt.com
  • Apex Debt Relief – apexdebtrelief.com
  • Omni Financial Management – omnifinancialmanagement.com
  • ZeroDebt USA – zerodebtusa.com
  • Alliant Debt Relief – debtreliefalliant.com
  • Financial Capital Solutions – fincaponline.com
  • Liberty Settlement Group – libertydebt.net
  • Nationwide Debt Center – jininvestments.org
  • Smartway One Financial – smartwayone.com
  • Debt Arbitrators of America – debtaoa.com
  • Quantum Debt Relief – quantumdebtrelief.net
  • Help You Out of Debt – helpyououtofdebt.com
  • Noble Debt Solutions – nobledebtsolutions.com
  • Encino Financial Solutions – encinorescources.com
  • US Mitigation – realeasycredit.com
  • Nationwide Enrollment Center – nationwideenrollmentcenter.com
  • West Oak Settlement – debtsaregone.com
  • J Warren Financial Group – smpdirectresponse.com/internet/jwarren/
  • Corstone Consulting Group – cornerstonemod.com
  • Freedom Debt Center – freedomdc.org
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