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Check ‘n Go – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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  • I’ve used Check n go in Seaside California several times over the passed year and this were fine until this last week.
    I told them to deposit my last check on the 31st of March. On the 6th of April I realized I needed to get another advance. The woman inside said the check hasn’t cleared and I would need to either wait the ten days our bring in proof from my bank.
    I get the proof from my bank and stop by after work the following day. They had a sign stating they would return at a certain time, after waiting almost thirty minutes passed the time posted I gave up.
    Stopped by after work, same thing. Ran a few errands and returned as hour later. Same woman tells me they cannot take bank info regarding the check deposit, you now have to wait the full ten days. I told her she just told me two days ago to bring it on. So I gave this rude woman the cold shoulder, gathered my things and left. I will no longer give my business to such and inept,unprofessional, rude individual again.

  • I’m looking to just get a small payday loan to get me by, does anyone know what they take into consideration when approving these loans cause I make about $1600 a month at my job and I really don’t have any credit….

  • I recently applied for a loan today at my local store location (1210 Elliot Drive) and was denied. After speaking to the associate who took my information, she didn’t understand why I was denied as my FICO is decent (around 600) and my income is pretty good (around 2100 gross) Some of the reasons listed include length of open banking account (6 months), I have a FCU account that has been open for 4 years, but I rarely use it. time at current job (again, 6 months). Mind you had they asked for previous employee they would see i was there for over a year. and home-ownership status? I am pretty sure If i need to borrow money and owned a home, I would take it out of my house, rather then a pay day loan place. Anyways, she was really confused, so I then called the customer service nubmer I found online1-800-723-7022 and was given the run around about the process. Evidently, online is completely different from the stores and no one knows exactly how the store operates or approves people? Oh and managers have the authority to approve people? Well 1 hour later and no help. I am confused and upset, as I feel not only are they misleading, but no one seems to know whats going on. Very unprofessional

  • i went to make payment at the store in calumet city, il. the rep at the store refuse to take my payment because i didn’t have any checks, after i had explained to him that i was waiting on the checks to come. he reponded by saying to me you don’t have to pay until friday the 7th of december, regardless of the due date the man could have took the money, so this let me know that if you don’t have checks you can’t pay. so i guess i don’t have to pay according to the male rep. what if i didn’t have a check account?

    • This is the worst payday loan experience I had. The sales person accused me of writing my 5’s wrongs and felt I was on purposely giving him a wrong cellular number. I was told to leave the store. BTW I am African American. This is good grounds for a lawsuit. However; I am not going to waist my time on that pot belly ugly white dreg. Hes going to do this to the wrong customer one day and that air is going to be forced from his belly !! However I am a spiritual man, I was angry but I wiped my hands clean of the residue. Actually since visiting this site the stuff did me a major favor. This occured at the Santee. CA location

  • I agree with the poster who said they are dishonest and unethical. I’ve gotten a payday with Ace Cash Express. I didn’t have it all the first time and they either gave me a few more days to pay for I setup a payment with them. Check ‘n Go is nowhere as god. I did not have it all on the due date. They took what I had and said I had a week to pay the rest. What I paid covered one check and part of the other. They ran the two checks the next business day. They bounced of course. When you get the loan they tell you after a check bounces you have 30 days to resolve the issue. They did an unauthorized transaction against my checking account for the remaining balance about 1 or 2 business days after the bounced checks. I didn’t get a chance to talk to them about the first problem before the second. When I finally did reach someone I was basically told, they told me the wrong thing originally. They said they were not supposed to give me another week and the 30 days after a bounced check is not really true

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