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My Bankruptcy Attorney Committed Suicide. What Now? – Cheryl

“Dear Steve,

Filed Chapter 13 in August 2005 in NYS. Shortly after my attorney committed suicide and I was handed over to another attorney in the firm. I have made payments all these years but was out of work for almost 4 mos. Now I am behind four months with only 4 mos left for a maximum term of 60 months. Originally it was only supposed to go for 36. The original lawyer expected more to be paid off by the sale of our marina but it didn’t bring as much as hoped. I should have been told then to conver to a Chapter 7 because the plan wasn’t feasable for the payments I was making. Now I am still owing a ton of taxes and a vehicle with a job that is less than what I was making when the payments were set up. My husband struggles with depression and our marriage has been under strain through all of this due to the financial and medical issues. We own a house in upstate NY that isn’t worth much and a truck that is part of the b/k. My husband is self employed and I work as a CNA in FL. The cost of living here is much higher than NY but he went from years of laying in bed 4 days a week to working 6 days a week here and not wanting to kill himself.

What is our best course of action at this point?


Dear Cheryl,

Because of how far along you are in your Chapter 13 bankruptcy the best course of action is going to be speaking with your bankruptcy attorney or a different bankruptcy attorney that is licensed in the state you filed in.

The temporary wage problem could have been handled with a plan modification the attorney would have had to file. I realize you’ve moved past that point but maybe there is something they can still do.

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Whatever you do, don’t give up. The finish line is in sight.

Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you.

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