Is There Anyway to Get My $7,000 Back From J Hass Group? They Did Nothing. – Cheryl

“Dear Steve,

Currently climbing out of debt with absolutely no assistance from J. Hass. They have mislead me the entire way.

Is there any way to recoup the $7000 I have paid into J. Hass? They have done nothing. In the 15 months that I have been signed up with them, they have done nothing. I just found out that there is a lien against our house, I have had my wages garnished, and I have had to appear in court. Through all of this I have complied and am trying to climb out. But again, they have settled nothing for me. All they have done is take $496.00 a month, for 15 months (with 3 months left) out of my savings. I can never get an adequate reply when I call them. Any chance of filing a formal complaint with someone on my side?

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Thank you.


Dear Cheryl,

Your first action should be to send J. Hass Group a letter by some traceable means and ask for a full refund. Let them know if they are unwilling to do that your next step will be to contact your attorney general and file a BBB complaint since they have seemingly provided you with no service.

I will email the J. Hass folks and ask them to comment on this question and see if they have something else to add.

Please update me on your progress by

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