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Update February 28, 2013

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“My name being in it since this comes up in google search and I do not want future or present clients to find me. Worked 9 months for that company and in 15 years of life in mortgages and insurance I do not want unneeded bad press for my career.

Suggested fix: delete any mentions of my name.

Kyle Connell”

628 thoughts on “US Mortgage Bailout – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?”

  1. Short story, I went though US Mortgage Bail for help and I ended up losing my house. I paid 3K for a service I never received and was promised that I would get my money refunded. It’s been over six months and I have not received my money. I have to 15 August to be out of the house and I need my money to get an apartment and I have nowhere to go. US Mortgage Bail has destroyed my credit so I can’t even get a loan for an apartment and no one there wants’ to return any of my calls, I call them every day. I’m in need of help.

    Who can I talk too for help?

    • I Feel for you man, same thing happened to me, luckily I was and still am current on my mortgage. I was told I still qualify for a loan mod. You need to contact your state attorney general and file a complaint, thats what I’m doing. I want this company to go under. I won’t stop until my $$ is returned.

  2. My wife and I have fallen behind on our mortgage due to my wife had to quit her job to take care of her sick mother who after time had passed. After that I had also lost my father who had no insurance so I had to pay out of pocket to bury him. We had contacted and was told they could help us with our situation,that was back in April . We just recieved in the mail from our mortgage company’s attorney a 14 day notice of final judgment. We have not gotten any answers from on where we stand. We are worried that we are going to loose our home. We have been here for 13 years, our kids were raised in this home and it holds alot of memories so we really dont want to let it go. My wife has returned to work and I have been promoted in my job, so we are financially better off than we were when we fell behind. We tried working with our mortage company but they seem uninterested in working something out. Our intrest rate is around 13% we tried to get them to lower it but they wont budge.

    What are our options and what should we do in order to save our home.

    • William~
      You need to contact an attorney at this point. Do not rely on this 3rd party company to save your home. There are attorneys who are experienced in working with banks to help homeowners. Also, try contacting your bank yourself and see what you can do….even if it’s just a temporary loan modification.

  3. I’ve been trying to get hold of them as well. Did anybody had luck of getting their money back? Please help me find their phone number so I can track them down too. I’ve been calling the toll free # and all I get is voicemail.

    • Hey,
      The local number I have found is (858) 454-4911. It goes to the same list as calling the toll free #. I have been told that I am approved for whole refund but the first date on June 24 was pushed back to July 23rd and still haven’t received a check yet. I keep calling but never speak to anyone. Good luck!!!

      • I have been told that we are approved for refund also and we lost our home June 15th! We were told check would be mailed Aug. 8th and still NOTHING!!! And yes I keep calling and emailing and no response. Good Luck to everyone!

      • all phone numbers are disconnected. . . .
        I have filed with CA attorney general, BBB and the FTC, any class action suits??? Thery have not filed for bankruptcy under US Mortgage Bailout or K2 Capital Management. Their office is not occupied, per the local La Jolla PD. Anyone have a lead on where they moved?

        • Ian Kideys filed bankruptcy in the Southern District of California and plead guilty to BANKRUPTCY FRAUD not to mention his indictment in Indiana and 5 year prison sentence as well.

    • Amy, their new phone number is (858) 454-1366 but unfortunately I highly doubt they will respond to you, unless you’re the lucky 5% of their ‘existing customers’ they’re desperately trying helping.
      They have ‘run out of money’ and won’t be giving many refunds if any.
      BTW folks, all of YOUR up-front money was to be put into a TRUST (BY LAW) and not touched until they performed their services and reached resolution with your mortgagor or needed to refund YOUR money.

      Please everybody, I know it’s very hard to trust anyone, and I have the same problem. Some people who have emailed me I suspect may be USMB and trying to get my information, so that’s why I’m not giving much of my info out.

      But if you email me your contact information, or have already, I will definitely get back to you, preferably by phone, but if not, I can work with email and/or addresses. Trust me there are MANY of us!

      Regarding lawyers, class-action, etc.: That is why I’m trying to get an idea of the size and scope of this because the bigger it is, the more inclined lawyers are willing to do a class-action (obviously $).

      Also, PLEASE everyone, post a report on when you can so that we can contact others who’ve had their money STOLEN (the other 95% of us). It only takes 5 minutes to register.

      If you are a former employee and would like to help, please contact me and I will treat you with the utmost confidentially! I know you’re reading this and there has to be at least a couple of you who just didn’t jive with the way they did business. Following are the names of the employees (current & former). If anyone can let me know the correct spellings of some or their full names, please do.

      Melissa Mendoza [email protected]
      Prudence Bolden [email protected]
      Christy Comyns [email protected]
      Mark Kriesel [email protected]
      Avivah Chipps [email protected]
      Jeramiah Fell [email protected]
      Justin Maloni [Malone]
      Justin Miller
      Mike [Zipkivic] or Mike [Zivkovic]
      Cinithia ________
      Charina ________
      Jason Kameya [email protected]
      Russell Hollowell [email protected]
      Mark Connelly [Connely]
      Kyle Connel or Kyle O’Connell

      Lauren Layton, Owner
      Ian Tamer Kideys, Owner
      Brian M. Kandefer, Owner

      BTW, Lauren, Ian and Brian, I wonder EVERY day how you go home to your MILLION (and some multi-) dollar homes in one of the richest parts of the country, and how exactly you sleep at night while people are being made HOMELESS due to your skating on the edge of the law with your WILLFUL and UNLAWFUL NEGLECT!
      I truly hope this is one of, if not THE, last companies you own!

      I have very little faith that my friend will get their money back.
      But I do have faith that I will pursue these people until I witness some form of justice.

      • Hy Mishy. My name is Dulce Herrick and US Mortage Bailout took from me $1,500. They had just taken my case. My husband and I are unemployed and we sell our valuables to pay these people, so they would help us to get a loan modification. I talked to Russell Hollowell a few times and after that, he never answer my phone calls. They were suppose to take 3 paymens of the same amount every last day of the month. Since neither Mellisa or Rusell called me, and I read this page. I called my bank to stop the payment. Unfortunatelly, the bank was not able to stop the payment on time, and withoun having any communication with me they took the other $1,500 from my check account. I had advised the bank, so I am disputing that money. I about being homeless, because they told me no to contact Bank of America and they had already sent me the Form for filing the loan modification by Federal Express. We are very close to be homeless and we are selling whatever we can. We have passed very dark moments in which killing ourselves have crossed our minds and we felled into a deep depression. we will have to pull the children from school. Thanks God we talded to the principal of our children’s school and she manage to bring back the faith in God and the desire to continue living. If people get together for getting the refund. I want to be included. My husband and I are looking for jobs and we are praying that we get jobs soon. You can e-mail me to [email protected]

      • Mishy,

        I have read a lot of messages on this forum, and whoever said that they have been contacted by their company to do their loan modification it is lie. You can’t possibly be telling the truth that US Mortgage bailout had anything to do with it. To the guy who was ahead of your mortgage yeah for you, but for the rest of who were scammed by their real-estate agent to get a house sold (and told us we had to sign for the house or we would be sued) stuck with a mortgage that put us way over our heads. Oh yeah filing recourse against her did us no good because she is no longer licensed. Yeah we were looking for something that could help us save our home, and our investments.

        So when we got in contact with US Mortgage Bailout our agent assured us that he could get our mortgage down to $764.00 which sounded awesome. We signed the papers they sent someone over to get out paper work in November of 2009. We sent them over the next months 2400 or mortgage was 1100. So we had to make decision (pay them to work on our behalf or keep struggling).

        Our last payment was this past February 2010. Then when tried to contact our agent via e-mail we get a response that he is on extended leave (What In The World-I guess I would be to). Then it became a hassle to get contact with anyone in the company. To the anonymous employee if there are so many dedicated workers how come the people that Mishy worked with are the same exact people that I worked with (Melissa Mendoza, and Ian because he is the only one that ever answered the phone). Here it is I thought I was talking to a customer service rep, and I am talking the owner. Passing it off to Melissa way to pass the buck there buddy. Now I will say that after calling 100 times a day (Keep in mind we are in Ohio) I would finally talk to Melissa (who was really nice-because it was great way to say, “I am smiling while we screw you over”) would say yes your paper work is with our lawyers or a rep (never would tell me the reps name) as we speak. So in May we get out foreclosure letter, we are panicking we call US Mortgage Bailout, and Melissa says don’t worry Chase (who now has our mortgage) can not do anything to you as long as you are with us, and send us the paper work. Yet, when we call Chase and say we are working with US Mortgage Bailout they have no clue who we are talking about. So I call back US Mortgage Bailout, don’t worry about it they can’t do anything. Yeah a lot of good that did. Man she was stringing us along because they (she/the company/anyone collecting a check from this company) already had our money.

        When we got a letter for a mediation from our company. We called again and Mellissa said yeah don’t worry about that most people don’t go. WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING. Man these people took our money, and cost us our home. We have three children under the age of 1 and two dogs. Our home is up for a sheriffs sale September 29,2010 yeah in like 3 wks although Melissa told me not to worry that they could not do a sheriffs sale as long as we were with them. Yet when we called the sheriffs department last week they confirmed they are indeed doing a sheriffs sale. The preyed on vulnerable people, took money. with no intent to do anything.

        I bet they still have their homes, apartment, condo’s or where ever they live. I am sure they are doing just fine. If I was not a Christian I would make threats to. I am soooooo MAD and FRUSTRATED. It keeps me up at night, because they cost us our home that was on a double lot that provided lots of space for our dogs and our little girls to play. Now we live in an apartment. We could have just worked with Chase to keep our home. All to find out that they should have not taken out money in the first place, and now it is too late (I do hope it is in a trust). Look how many people are on this forum. Look at all the thousands of dollars gone. These people are freaking rich off OUR LAST DOLLARS, and I want my dollars back. I estimate that they owe my family 52,800 because that’s how much we invested in our home over the past four years of paying our mortgage. I want to get on the band wagon to get our 52,800 back. I’ll tell you who I am cause I ain’t scared of no one. I don’t care what lawyer we signed with for a civil suit. If he/she/they can get us our money back then they deserve the dollars. I want the one that can get the job done. So if there is a lawyer out there reading this forum you got a lot of people that need your help. So hit us up we are listening.

        Tanya Jennison
        The Home I No Longer Have is 5135 Yorkshire Dr. Toledo Ohio 43615
        My number is 567-225-4412
        e-mail is [email protected]

        Someone please call me cause I want to get in out the suit. I want them to pay the piper (not meet their maker), but I think they should pay.

        Mishy what you have concerning there information is what I have keep me posted call me e-mail me. We can start by e-mail and go from there. Keep me posted.


      • The correct spelling for one of those names is obviously, Kyle Connell, or H. Kyle Connell, since he so kindly verified for us and confirmed that he did work with this company at the time, by trying to get his name taken off the page.

  4. Has anyone contacted a lawer to see about sueing this company? I am currently dealing with usmb it has been since April that I have paid in full. I just recieved a notice of final judgment from our mortgage company.After reading all these posts I am real concerned of what the outcome is going to be. If this company is a scam I will be contacting my lawer to see about sueing. Just wondering if anyone has taken this path yet.

    • waiting 2 hear back from my going for the 25k that i got behind by not makeing payments wile these people partied on my 3k.ill post again when i know more.spred the word these people must b stoped.

  5. US Mortgage Bailout.Com is a big con artist company. First of all they were INVIOLATION in taking money from people up front. There own state of california, had to warn them to STOP! TAKING MONEY FROM PEOPLE UP FRONT THAT ARE NOT CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS. So they did, starting feb-2010. In many states it is against the LAW to take up front money from anyone that are NOT RESIDENTS OF THAT STATE.Plus they have FAILED A LOT PEOPLE IN GETTING THERE HOMES MODIFIED! A lot of people have LOST THERE HOMES IN DEALING WITH THIS COMPANY. Iam a VICTIM MYSELF! What iam going to do about IT, IAM writing my congressman about this matter and hoping they can do somthing to STOP THESE HOME BREAKERS! Iam going to Report them also to my STATE GOVERNMENT, HOPING THEY CAN ALSO INTERVENE. TO STOP THESE PEOPLE FROM PROMISING PEOPLE THAT THEY CAN SAVE THERE HOMES, BUT INSTEAD CAUSES THEM TO LOSE THEM! I HOPE THOSE THAT ARE VICTIMS DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS MATTER. May GOD BLESS THOSE WHO HAVE FALLING VICTIM TO THESE PEOPLE.

    • I am wating and waiting for something to happen,,I never have my calls returned sinse they took money up front for three month now ..I am sooo worried wats gonna happen to me too and mah mortgage ..I still get calls from mah lender and I told them about a third party U S Mortgage ,,,mah lender says U S mortgage is not doing enough to save mah property….last time I talk to them last month the guy said everything is gonna be ok,,,,I dont know who to trust now ,,please help…they re not returning mah calls,,,is going on da 4th month now,,,,help me plse I don’t wanna loose mah home,,,,

      • Hi, I signed their contract on early Feb. It is been 6 month now. I did get a letter from the bank said they are discussing my case with USMB. Still waiting at this point. BAC and US bank customers needs extreme patience. My house is 300k under water. Hopefully something will work out.
        Also, if the bank was doing their job right, none of those companies would exist. I am a realtor, I dealt with the banks for my client’s short sale, foreclosure closing etc. It is a super pain, every bank employee got their own opinoin, one points to the east, the other will tell you west is the right direction.That is why I hire other people to to do my own house, could not handle the pressure.
        PS, who is your assigned agt? leave message and do not get answer? try “ian”.I think he is manager there.

        • Jane you say you are a realtor but yet you are possibly in foreclosure??? You should have known to weigh the odds that there may be a time in your life that you may have a smaller income or no income. It’s called an Emergency Fund!!!! My household doesn’t bring in a ton of money either however we did PAY OFF ALL DEBT when the economy started to tank AND GOT SECOND JOBS to assist in paying off those debts….THEN WE STARTED (oh do I dare say the word??) SAVING!! Stop living above your means. I have not missed one beat of paying my mortgage payment because we planned. I really hope that I do not have to continue to pay my mortgage payment while everyone else that got in over their head gets a hand out to squash their “upside down” mortgage payment.


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