Juugo and Kash Kwik Look Like Pyramid Schemes to Me

Through comments on the site I learned about a program being offered at KashKwik.com.

This alleged money making program appears to be nothing more than a typical pyramid scheme where future investors are sought out to provide funds to pay previous people into the scheme.

This means, everyone who joins AFTER you, will help push you to cycle. The Kash Kwik system is arranged so that every 4th person that joins (regardless of who sponsored them) will cause the next person in line to cycle. You don’t need to do anything but get in line in order to rise to the top and cycle. In Effect: The Kash Kwik membership MORE THAN DOUBLES every month.. with EVERYONE joining the line UNDER YOU… FORCING YOU TO THE TOP, cycling over and over again for $25 each time. – Source

Kash Kwik Web Site

Proponents of this program will say I don’t know what I’m talking about in my concerns over this program. But I learned a long time ago that any money making opportunity that makes no apparent and logical sense is probably just too good to be true and a scam.

The Kash Kwik program has it’s critics. See the comments below. But I am concerned that the claims of a guarantee offered by the program are not true.

Kash Kwik Guarantee

The Kash Kwik domain name was registered on April 8, 2010 for only a year. Interesting. I wonder this might be a pump it and dump it approach where there is no long terms game plan for Kash Kwik.

The site is hosted on a dedicated server with the following domains.


Almost all of the domains on this server, where ownership could be identified, are owned by Gregg Wallmuller of Fort Collins, Colorado.

For example, TotalTeamProfit.com is owned by Wallmuller and a visit to that site found a similar money making “cycling” approach. – Source

Total Team Profit Site

Another Wallmuller site, TCBTeamVIP.com promotes another mysterious money making opportunity called Juugo which mentions “cycle with me” in the underlying music track. The first mention is at 0:54 into the video.

[flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/Juugo1.flv /]

On the Juugo side of things it concerns me greatly that one of the primary products of the program is the selling and promotion of a UK based prepaid MasterCard to people in the United States. Not only will the use of the card trigger foreign usage fees but loading the card with additional money will be expensive to do in euros or pounds. – Source

Towah Prepaid MasterCard Fees

And by the way, Juugo is a company registered in Belize. – Source

An online comment about another Gregg Wallmuller site TAGoldmine said it was another cycling opportunity that is alleged to not pan out either.

I joined TAGoldmine, tagoldmine.com, with the hopes that they would deliver on their word, that I would actually cycle.

I stayed in for three months.

I never cycled as promised.

They take out $5.75 every WEEK.

It is like dumping money down the toilet.

There is a lot more to all of this than I have time to examine right now. but based on what I’ve seen, my opinion is to stay far away from Juugo and Kash Kwik.

Update 5-26-2010

Based on the emails and some of the comments below let me explain how this post came to life.

I have an older post on this site about a pawnshop called Kwik Kash. People had been coming in and posting comments on that talking about cycling. That didn’t seem to make sense in regards to a pawnshop. After several comments I looked into the matter and discovered Kash Kwik and after looking at the comments closer I figured out that is what people were talking about.

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So I did a quick look into Kash Kwik and posted my opinion about what I saw. I was concerned that a site that was requesting an investment or purchase from consumers did not have any contact information listed. See contact page from site below and you will notice it is missing any owner or address on the site.

Kash Kwik Contact Page

Only because of the missing contact information I did a quick public records search and found out the owner of the site appeared to be a guy named Gregg Wallmuller based on the ownership of the other sites on the server. In order to show you my research I listed the sites to explain how I came to that conclusion.

The information in my article is a quote from the Kash Kwik site, a picture of the Kash Kwik site, a picture of the money back guarantee off the Kash Kwik site, how I identified the owner, and some observations and opinions about the Kash Kwik site and some of the related sites. Oh yes, there was one complaint I found online that I published with the source for that complaint. I only published the complaint because with the other complaints I had received from people it seem to confirm concerns people had.

This morning Wayne from Kash Kwik posted a bunch of comments and I asked him to point out what in my review was not true. He has not as of yet.

I have also received a bunch of emails from Gregg. I asked Gregg for permission to publish his emails with his statements to me. He did not give me that permission.

I have extended to him the opportunity to publicly post his statement, to respond to people that had issues and remedy those issues, and I am directing him here to this update and inviting him again to post a public comment to clarify anything I have in error or he would like to qualify for readers.

It’s probably a good idea for Gregg and Wayne to read the site review policy on this site as well.

For the record, I have no axe to grind with Gregg Wallmuller or Wayne. I don’t know those guys from a hole in the ground. People came to my site, complained about Kash Kwik, I looked into it and posted my findings and observations.

In my opinion, the best response from the Kash Kwik guys would be to use this opportunity to speak directly with people that might have been unhappy with the service, provide exceptional customer care to them, refund money to unhappy participants, and make raving fans out of unhappy people instead of, in my opinion, pretending actual complaints have not occurred and threatening me with legal action if I don’t take down, what appears to me to be, accurate information.

Why I Said Kash Kwik Looked Like a Pyramid Scheme

I am not familiar with the MLM, opportunity, or money game world. Looking at the Kash Kwik program was my first post ever about something like this.

I had the opinion that the program looked like a pyramid scheme because the front page of the site appears to sell something where it was promoted all someone had to do was pay some money and then money would be earned for that person as cycles occurred. I did make an assumption that cycles occurred by people rolling over and/or new people paying in to the program.

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That approach appears to be historically unsustainable to me since it relies on the churning of new blood or old participants.

The primary hype of the site was there was no referring, no selling to make money. It said people would get paid daily. I found those statements, along with my other observations, to be pyramid scheme as defined:

A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, without any product or service being delivered. Pyramid schemes are a form of fraud. – Source

Since I wrote this piece I’ve also been told the Kwik Kash presentation looks like a “matrix scheme.” My only exposure to date to what a matrix approach is comes from this defination and warning:

Matrix schemes use the same fraudulent non-sustainable system as a pyramid; here, the participants pay to join a waiting list for a desirable product which only a fraction of them can ever receive. Since matrix schemes follow the same laws of geometric progression as pyramids, they are subsequently as doomed to collapse. Such schemes operate as a queue, where the person at head of the queue receives an item such as a television, games console, digital camcorder, etc. when a certain number of new people join the end of the queue. For example ten joiners may be required for the person at the front to receive their item and leave the queue. Each joiner is required to buy an expensive but potentially worthless item, such as an e-book, for their position in the queue. The scheme organizer profits because the income from joiners far exceeds the cost of sending out the item to the person at the front. Organizers can further profit by starting a scheme with a queue with shill names that must be cleared out before genuine people get to the front. The scheme collapses when no more people are willing to join the queue. Schemes may not reveal, or may attempt to exaggerate, a prospective joiner’s queue position which essentially means the scheme is a lottery. Some countries have ruled that matrix schemes are illegal on that basis. – Source


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41 thoughts on “Juugo and Kash Kwik Look Like Pyramid Schemes to Me”

  1. I cancelled my Kash Kwik subscription a few days ago, I just checked it, and guess what? I have a referral, and I haven’t even been promoting!

    Now there is 4ginfinity.com, looks VERY similar, don’t you think?


  2. That’s exactly how they play the “GAME” most of the first ones in are all in it together and get advanced notices before the general public and know the score.

    I know this for a fact because because this “high risk roller spammer lady” keeps sending me SPAM with these early notifications and I wish she would just STOP sending me these things!

    Now I’m not against people that like to take chances and play games or the lotto etc at all, As long as they know the real score before hand and know the odds and risk because they are stated in a clear and easy to understand manner.

    But what I am getting MAD about is this spammer for instance that does a real good job of making it look like shes just rolling in dough and that it will happen all so darn easy for you too! When there is a good chance it wont happen for you the way she is claiming it’s working for her.

    Lady with the initial S.T please STOP sending me all of these notifications.. PLEASE! Someone will report you one day and put an end to all of that.

    You could loose your positions at the places you say your making money at too if they find out your spamming people daily.

  3. Steve,
    Thanks for all the info.
    After 1 month and no cycle kashkwik wanted me to pay again. Fat Chance!
    In their site they say they paid out $83275. How much did they take in?
    Even if you cycled today and sent to the end of the line, you now have over 4000 people ahead of you to cycle again. We all need to do our homework in these opportunities and do the math.
    I doubt KK will be here too much longer.
    One person emailed me and said he gets in early with a few spots cycles and gets out before the masses join. But, he’s just as bad as the scammers.

  4. Yes, now at: 4004 as of June 14th. Count me in as one less, as I’ve cancelled my subscription also. Let’s see if I also will earn a cycle into my Alertpay account before my access is denied and my account closed. Seems they are losing members as members DON’T cycle, so I gave it a month, to be fair to them. Didn’t cylcle, cancelled. Rats leaving sinking ship syndrome.


  5. Amazing, looks like kashkwik is going the opposite way now, 3 days ago there were 4078 active members and now there is 4000. Is there a prize for hitting zero, last one in takes all

  6. Just to let you all know that kashkwik system does truly suck and im my favour because i did not pay my 2nd month and I had warnings on my page that my account was going to be deleted. The best part was that I went a full 2 weeks after my subscription ran out before my account got deleted and WAIT FOR IT, I cycled after my subscription ran out AND GOT PAID before my account got deleted.

    Also my account showed that I was due a matching bonus of $25 because one of my referrals just cycled and while I was eagerly waiting for more free cash from this scam, I think they realised and finally closed my account.

    The last couple of days I have been monitoring their homepage and watching how many active members they have.
    Yesterday they had 4078 members, today they have just 4055, so the figures speak for themselves, people are realising it is a scam and not resubscribing.
    Now how can they possibly still advertise this scam as just join, pay and sit back, cos nothing will happen, no one is joining, no one is being pushed up the line and everyone is static. It takes 4 sign ups to push one up the queue, and at this rate it will be over 12 months before anyone cycles, so I think this scam is now finished, just a matter of time before the doors close and they run with your money

    Soon after I got my $25

  7. Hi, I’ve been with Kash Kwik for 18 days and not cycled, may ask for refund through Alerpay, and go with Just Got Paid. Anyone had experience with JGP?

    Have sent email to KK “support”, NOTHING!! Have had bad feeling about KK for a while now, so Greg and Wayne’s arrogant and somewhat pompous replies have confirmed that feeling.

    Please comment on my comments.


  8. Hi, I have been with Kash Kwik for 18 days, haven’t cycled, and haven’t reffered anyone, even though I have been promoting it heavily. People just aren’t interested. What I may do is try and get a refund from Alerpay, and then use Just Got Paid, which is similar. Anyone had any experience with Just Got Paid?

    Oh yes, I have sent a request for “What is going on?”, had NO reply, don’t think I’ll get one either. I’ve had a “bad feeling” about Kash Kwik for a while now, so comments above from users, and the rather pompus and arrogant attitude of Wayne and Greg just re-enforce this.

    Please comment on my comments, thanks.


  9. Hi Steve
    Yes alertpay is much like paypal. You deposit money from your bank and pay for online goods with it. A lot of these ponzi,s and scams wont use paypal because it is very easy to get a refund with paypal, and paypal wants nothing to do with these scams. Alertpay on the other hand are a bit more relaxed and tend to let anyone set up an alertpay account without too many questions.

    Going back to Kash Kwik, I just looked at their terms and conditions and there is nothing in there about the 90 day policy. Lets hope alertpay recognise this scam and close their account. A scam in my eyes is being duped into a programme from very misleading info, legal or not, KK is a scam.

    • Dave,

      Thanks for the alertpay information. I see the company is located outside of the U.S. which reduces consumer protections for financial transactions. I have a media request into the company to interview them about refund policies and procedures if a user feels unhappy with a product or service.


  10. Your refund is worthless, I keep pointing this out, but you keep ignoring it.
    People see this misleading bit of info and sign up without really looking into it.

    I will repeat what i said previously, everyone will cycle in 90 days and get paid something, the rate of signups means that you will probably only cycle once in 90 days and lose money, so you dont pay the refund so please change your wording on this.

    You also dont explain how you can just join, sit back and relax and do nothing as your site states, this needs to be changed because like I said before, do this and you are guaranteed to lose without sponsoring, also you are going to get into serious trouble with the trading standards people when they find out about this, reports have already been filed against you.

    I am not 100% convinced this is legal, it is a cleverly disguised money go round like chain letters, you get to the top and get paid, it is also illegal because the people are being misled into joining and alertpay have also been informed of this. Yes there are products you get in return for your payments, this does not make it legal. If the consumer is not getting what he/she is promised, then it is illegal. You can argue this all day if you like, how would you like me to file a complaint to the internet fraud team and see what they say, someone may have already done this anyway.

    So before you reply to this please do not avoid the points I have raised here.
    Thanks Steve, I have used your bookmark links to spread the word on this.

  11. Hi Steve

    The simple fact in all of this is, that before a member is able to actually register, they must first agree to the Terms & Conditions that have been put in place on any website that we own. Some likely don’t even bother to do so and jump right in. Then, when they are not happy and are not earning fast enough, they come and ask for a refund.

    Now, if they ask for a refund in the time frame that the refund has stated, we issue that refund. And we have issued refunds to those that have asked for them that were in the time frame in the terms and agreements.

    In the case of KashKwik, there is a 7 day refund policy and there is also a 90 day money back guarantee. Two totally different policies… 7 Day refund policy is in the terms… The 90 day money back is just that, and as you have posted above, it states they must stay active for 90 days. If after 90 days they have not cycled and earned any money, then they can ask for the first 3 months of money that they paid in to the program be refunded. It also states that they CAN, even after they receive the first 3 months ($51 ($17×3)) refunded, keep their subscription active, if they wish. And of course we will honor that as we are honest people. We haven’t even been open 90 days to be judged on that yet!

    99.9% of other sites out there similar to ours do NOT offer any type of refunds at all, they offer No Refund Policies. We’re not like those 99.9% though. We include refund policies on ALL of our websites! And we honor them as long as they are in the refund policy guidelines. We do sometimes make exceptions for people in special types of circumstances and issue refunds after the policy has expired.

    Now, for someone like the lady, “Sciantel” who was explained this nicely by one of our support team, who turns around and because she feels she should be above the terms and asks for a refund 20 days after the original 7 day refund policy, then goes out and slanders and bashes us and says we were crooks, liars, and that I am mentally unstable, because I pointed out the facts (never yelled, bashed, harassed, or said anything un true, and have all the emails to prove it) to her…. THEN expects us to refund her 20 days after the policy she agreed to when she became a member by accepting the terms & conditions. As I told her, “Is it ok for others to abide by the rules and policies but you are free to do otherwise?”

    The simple fact here is that we have issued a refund to every person that has asked for one in the designated time frame that is listed in the Terms & Agreements. Every single one!

    Just a side note; after receiving her nasty emails to us, which are also being looked into for legal action, we did let her know that we went ahead and told the payment processor company to refund her money ( and she received an email from the payment processor informing her of this). But of course that’s not mentioned here by “Sciantel”.

    Nor is the fact that she attempted to change her information registered with KashKwik so that our attorneys couldn’t locate and contact her. I say attempted. She apparently, judging by her emails and posts here, didn’t even understand the program or how the refund and also the 90 day money back guarantee work. If she did, it would never have gotten this far. It’s all plain English (with a translator on the site for those that do not read English) and easy to read and understand.

    As for the statement above that you posted about TaGoldMine.com from the person that said they were in 3 months and never cycled. That person actually cycled a couple of times and we proved that and they received their payment the same day they cycled.

    As for TCBTeamVip.com, that was a free team website to help our team members promote a program. Nothing wrong with that, and Juugo, that is not our program or company but I can tell you that it was recently voted number 22 in the top 50 best start-up businesses, so I guess it can’t be all that bad huh.

    I will leave this entire matter here. I would hope that before you simply copy and paste in the future, you yourself would read and research a little further and get to the truth. Doing so could only increase your credibility with the online community.

    I wish you the best,


  12. My comments are not here again, and before you mentioined they went into a spam folder and my email address is not on any blacklists – Why?

  13. Thanks for the info, I have just applied for a refund via alertpay on the grounds of being duped and misled by false advertising on their site

  14. That’s just what I had to do, a task set out before me to explain to people, that kash kwik was very misleading. The only person making any money is the one who owns this site and he got it all off of unsuspecting people just like me, who are poor and got tempted by a site that promised money to them not knwing the full example of how it worked. I got fed up and went to alertpay and I got real results cause I protested still when my 30 days wasn’t up with alertpay and I am getting my refund. They think I have taken advantage of their system meaning kash kwik, but I see it as they took terrible advantage of me and others like me who aren’t too smart on investment sites things like this. People who are innocent and can get screwed over really easy.

  15. I think the whole set up is a complete rip off, the kashkwik site is very misleading, just join, no sponsoring needed, just get in line and get paid, what a joke. If you do this you will be seriously out of pocket, with members joining everyday(mugs) this only extends your cycle time to months, what will happen if membership gets up to 10 or 20.000, it will take months to cycle, do the math, its not rocket science. I can see how it can benefit the heavy mlm,ers, but we are not all into mlm, and I think the majority of testimonials are from people who got in very early and cycled quickly. In fact I think one or maybe more testimonials might be false because well after I signed up, someone claimed to cycle twice. I joined excactly 1 month after launch and I did not cycle, so it was a definate no brainer for me to cancel.

    As for the refund, what a joke, a very clever ploy to gain confidence. You only get a refund if you do not make any money in 90 days. Ok so lets say you cycle once in 90 days, which at this moment and time is probably possible, you would have spent $51 and earned $25 and no refund because you earned money. So KK if you are reading this, do the right thing and change the wording on your website so that everyone thinking of joining knows exactly what to expect.

    Lost for words, ok try this..

    Join KK today and if you do not promote you will not get paid because you will not cycle due to the high number of members we have.

    Oh and dont forget about our money back guarantee, we will only pay you your refund if you make no money whatsoever in 90 days, and just to make it perfectly clear, put another way you will not get a refund if you only cycle once because you earned.

    I am not deliberately slating KK because I failed and lost money and did not cycle, I am annoyed at the way I was suckered into this very misleading venture by the KK front page which is all lies, so come on KK do the right thing and speak the truth on your site

  16. I am Following up on Waynes Post, just look at the testimonials from the biggest marketers online. Those testimonials have links to the sites of the people that wrote them lets write them and see if they are REAL. I have earned money with Gregg & wayne They have never missed a payment. If they say we pay daily It’s there guaranteed. If they make you a guarantee of 90 days and you read the terms and agree to it and kashkwik doesnt make you money You will be paid. Now what is really irritating is your all gonna drag a great business man who has all of our best interest at heart he wants us to make money. So here goes I can run and say scam,crook, and blame the business that we didnt cycle in the first month and make an $8 profit. or we could actually wait 90days and see what we make,If nothing else we get a refund. Why not look at the big picture and promote like crazy and make yourself a good chunk of money instead of worrying about $17. The ones promoting are what causes the cycles and the $6,000+ to be paid out in the first 30 days. I think if you do not have the $17 to spend and your not going to use the program to make much more that your investment it really doesn’t make sense to join it. So lets not even give the kashkwik more than 30 days, Lets drag the owners through the mud then do it again next month in another program that really is a scam with no guarantee, no contact info. The program is what we make of it, If I just joined and watched tv i wouldnt of been paid 9x but I wouldnt attack the owner either. I would also like to point out that that this blog by Steve Rhode is a get out of debt blog which has absolutely nothing to do with cycling or marketing. I read your complete write up and you havent been in these companies you dont know these people. I dont think you understand any of these programs. You cant hear or see one thing then pull up thier server list than go around the net to find little tidbits that are negative about each one. Wheres the positive things about each one??? David is commenting about not cycling and writing support maybe if you joined the program you would be cycling. I was wondering Steve you have this little get out of debt blog and you know kashkwik is generating a ton of traffic so lets geta couple friends and call it a big pyramid scheme going back 10 years and people will come here to read it. Thats pretty smart and while they are here they will click on all of steves linke on the site so he can make money on people getting out of debt REAL NICE.

    • Gerard,

      I agree, I don’t typically write about cycling and “money games” as one person said. You can see in one of my previous comments how this article came to be.


    • Gerard

      Thx , good comments Gerad

      Myth: Program is Money Games
      Fact: Alexa ranking of less than 13,000 with YOUR BANNERS on the site for $17 a month (Great Advertising tool)

      Myth: I didn’t cycle therefore its a scam
      FACT: Oh well – Not my problem – Advertise – use the banner placements to other programs your in, and get the bonus material to learn something instead of whining.

      ONE LAST FACTOID: THere is NO COLLEGE COURSES for ONLINE MARKETING – they MENTION ONLINE MARKETING in college courses , but there is not set-aside, internet college marketing course, ie: list building, viral marketing, gorilla marketing, email marketing, safelist, classifieds, solo advertising, PPC, SEO, Landing page, squeeze page, back door page, pop up or pop under advertising, banner placements, and the list continues each year. YET – ALL OUR PROGRAMS have eBook after eBook after eBOOK after eBook to “TEACH, TRAIN, SHOW,” Affiliates , Members, whatever you want to call them , HOW TO advertise online, and more……. Thousands upon THOUSANDS of dollars in material – yet – nobody reads them because they are looking for the QUICK BUCK and that is again, NOT MY PROBLEM – its their business and if thats how they want to run it, they will fail, and some will complain – HENCE THIS THREAD ON THIS SITE….

      Now Steve, you admitted by asking “What does cycle mean” that you are unfamiliar with MLM or NETWORK MARKTING – yet , my only complaint with you is you “deemed” our business a PYRAMID SCHEME – and your not only off base, you again, didn’t talk to the owners at all….. WHICH either you are caught up in typical ONE WAY , don’t hear both sides, internet kangaroo court crap and make decisions based on one side of stories, or , you are a really quick leaerner and understand everything about these programs. I don’t know which, but I think you do


  17. I did not cycle either and canceled, Real nice for the ones who did sure, I know the feeling back when cyclers were all the rage I made some money too for a week.. Then thay ALL died.. Over 30 of them people!!! They ALL disappeared just as fast as they came.

    That’s back when they said right on the front that they were a “Money Game” and we only had to risk a few bucks.

    Now they are just asking for a whole LOT more money and took the “Money Game” off the front and use fancier websites that’s all!!!

    NEVER EVER will I fall that that garbage again for as long as I live!!

    There are a lot of things I wont even bother with after KashKwick I learned my lesson, I don’t CARE what you made buddy.. What about the people who made zero?

    I’m so happy nobody joined under me and I am ashamed I ever promoted it, From now on I only want to promote GOOD things that people can use or at least have a 50/50 shot with. Because I care about people more than money anyhow!!

    Wait in LINE to get slaughtered? No thanks, I have better things to do with my money like buy my son decent clothes.

  18. If you did a lookup on one of our 3 servers and found only:

    Why didnt you mention:

    These are on our server – wondering why you left off these 3 sites?

    Interesting to say the least


  19. I’m not sure where you are all getting this info from and I dont think your giving kashkwik or Gregg Walmuller a fairshot. As far as kashkwik goes I joined on day one I have cycled 4x for $100 then I earned $300 from my referrals cycles which pay me $25 each. I am not one to sit and wait for a cycle I have a downline of 33 and I am earning on 41 spots in the Line. So from some one that has earned $400 in one month. Kashkwik Is Awesome maybe this blogger has his own agenda like another program. Gregg is a wonderful father who has 2 boys and put his heart & soul into coming out with programs where anyone can earn money regardless of skill. You think hes a millionare from this program he makes crap he wants people like me to make money he has even advertised my links gifted me into programs. Please dont sit here and beat him up cause you havent cycled, Bring in people & earn all over the line like I do. Its $17 people and its Guaranteed. Show me another cycler thats Guaranteed and easy as hell. I Love KashKwik & I Love The Alertpay Payments Keep Them Coming Gregg.

  20. change this site to http://www.slander.org
    cause thats all your doing…

    As far a JUUGO Goes – We dont run that anymore, but our sponsor went to Trinidad with the JUUGO Leaders – and its an up and up program, just not
    not doing well, yet, did we call it a scam? No – we dont do that..

    2nd: Gregg and I own a Hosting company, and we have 3 servers

    3rd: The above entries are from people who want handouts and don’t read terms, you even posted the TERMS – whats it say? 90 days? Or is that MIrage?

    4th: Our system pays out a percentage of over 85% , plus over 1500 in contest money, and another 5000 is scheduled for this month in KashKwik

    5th: I personally would not write this , but slander and name assasination by this site, without the OWNER even talking to Myself or Gregg is amazing to me.

    Shall I open a website now , and slander getoutofdebt.org? Or the liar who said he never cycled in The Advertising Goldmine. Or People who CAN’T READ and then find out its too late cause they didnt read the TERMS?

    Why don’t those who dont like the programs, just cancel and write up the 17 dollars as an “ADVERTISING COST” – oh wait, they don’t claim the earnings they make on tax returns ….

    It gets old and I do own 3 servers – I can do damage too, but I am above that.

    I suggest you cancel this thread, and talk to us , the other side of the coin, before this gets out of hand, and you will NOT WIN this battle.


    • Wayne,

      The article about Kash Kwik was the result of comments made by people on another post about a company Kwik Kash. I guess people got the names mixed up. Once I noticed the mistake I then looked into Kash Kwik and posted the article above and moved the corresponding comments over. In fact one of your previous comments was part of that group. It was the one that began “Cycling is a term that means when “x” amount …” I think you might not have remembered previously responding to my cycling question.

      Rather than attack me, is there anything that I wrote in the quick review that was not true that you would like to clarify or address to help people build confidence in your operation? Previously you came across as a level-headed professional and now do you simply want to attack and come across as a bully?

      I’m not sure how talking to you would have been a benefit in this case. The review is based off what your site says and it was unnecessary to talk to anyone to review the site. Again, this began because of the comments of concerned consumers. Maybe you could respond to some of those directly and help those people get their money back in a helpful and friendly way?

      I am confused about your statement that people should just cancel and write off the $17 when you seem to clearly offer a money back guarantee on your site. Would they not be entitled to their money back under your refund policy?


      • QUOTE
        I am confused about your statement that people should just cancel and write off the $17 when you seem to clearly offer a money back guarantee on your site. Would they not be entitled to their money back under your refund policy?

        You are right. the REFUND Policy is clear, its 90 days MBG – (thats 17 dollars x 3) if they do not make money. We are the only company that does that. It does not say, You can cancel before 90 days is up just because you feel like it. It says you have a 90 DAY MBG if you do not make money in that time frame. This is not rocket science, its simple ENGLISH. If people can read ENGLISH , or bother to read terms at all instead of skimming over them and making up their own definitions, or asking if they don’t understand before they signup -guess what Steve, this thread would never happen.


  21. As part owner of TAGM and some other companies with Gregg, I have but one question for you … Do you slander people on purpose or by accident?

    For starters: this is a lie __> QUOTE I joined TAGoldmine, tagoldmine.com, with the hopes that they would deliver on their word, that I would actually cycle.
    I stayed in for three months.I never cycled as promised. They take out $5.75 every WEEK. UNQUOTE — THEY DID CYCLE and MAKE MONEY…. LIE #1

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    Glenn Darling – Vancouver Island

    Fashions come and go.
    Cyclers used to be hot a couple of years ago, and I loved them.
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    I just want to congratulate the KashKwik team for putting this site together its going to be awesome especially for those who find getting referals hard this gives them a great chance to earn some money and not just pay out for someone else to benefit, well done from Justacoolcat in South Africa

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    Sandie Nolk
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    …………. PLUS 2 mOre Pages

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    I am a ATU Pro member. Only 2 weeks old. I am a Net marketeer for more than 5 years. I have tried various methods. Even blew my $ on mostly useless marketing efforts. I have tried many approaches to promote.So I was very suspicious on joining another. Now, after just a couple weeks in ATU,I must say I really am delighted with what the ATU system offers. I honestly think this is the best system I have ever seen and it is very affordable also. Your answer on members forum and support tickets are fast and reliable. I recommend this system to all my friends. I just hope everyone would check out ATU.This is the program for both Beginners and Experts.

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    Vic on the ATU Forum

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    Greetings,Thomas Richmond here, as a pro member at ATU and now having the great opportunity to be one of the first to be in Total Team Profit TTP i am so excited and with these awesome matrix concepts what a refreshing new marketing idea for the world to see. Looking forword to stick around for a long time to come! WTG TTP!!

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    Hi from Christine in WV. I just want to say that Total Team Profit
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    I want to say thank you Gregg and Wayne.I’m an excited member of atu,and totalteam,I have been since I first joined.Thanks for giving me the chance to be here.You all will, have to throw me out, to get rid of me.God bless you both sincerely ,one happy, proud member from West VIRGINIA,Diane Allender

    Iam so excited about this program,it is awesome and the team is superior.
    WTG guys on creating this excellent program!!

    Nova Scotia

    Wow, I was referred to this program by associates in my current business and although I have only referred one pro member I can see how BIG this is going to be. This opportunity has also prompted me to sign up with ATU, which gives it double the excitement!!
    I am a strong believer in Team Work and the concept of both programs emphasize what I am all about….my main passion in life is helping other people become Leaders for whatever business they want to pursue, and this is the perfect opportunity for me to do that.
    Here’s to our Success!!!
    Tina (New Zealand)

    Thanks Total Team Profit, received my first pay out on the 15th and there will more to come.

    Have a GREAT Day!!!!


    Wow. This is awesome. Tripled my investment in the first day so far…..and I haven’t done a thing other than check my balance… Keep it up team.
    Bryce from New Zealand.

    I have know Gregg Wallmuller for about 4 years now. He helped my husband out when he 1st got into this “makin money on the internet thingy”. I was quite the skeptic then, to say the least, but the partnership that Gregg and my husband, Jim, have had over the years has proven to be quite profitable. So I decided to join in on the fun and now I am smiling all the way to the BANK!! Thanks Gregg for your committment to the Total Team way of thinking! MaryEllen Smithers, Daytona Beach, FL.

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    The words “forced matrix” have become a joke,at least to some including myself. However, this is not the case with ATU – and Total Team Profit is a runaway success! YOUR programs are working the way you said they would.

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    Everyone should get into TTP and ATU and finally experience success.

    Theres 4 other websites, with testimonial after Tesimonial –

    So if you continue with this thread, we will have to investigate further about the slander we’ve found in here about US.

    Thank you

    It is like dumping money down the toilet

    • The statement you label as a lie is not one I made. Rather than attack me for it how about a level-headed professional response?

      Actually in my quick review which I just read again, I didn’t say anything terrible worth attacking me for. I expressed some concern and opinion but the primary issues I think you object to are the statements made by others. Maybe it would be best to address the commenters with concerns and help show the public you offer exceptional customer service.


      • You QUICK REVIEW agreed without hearing both sides of the story – Its not level headed on your end, but I must say, its typical for the internet

  22. I asked for a refund and they got nasty and told me I was not getting it cause I was pat my 7 days. What a scam artist this Gregg wallmuller jerk is definitely a crook! I am disputing him at alertpay. I suggest anyone else who does not get thewir refund or has trouble with this site do the same. He sure sent me nasty emails. he is off his rocker too besides being a crook!
    .-= sciantel´s last blog .. =-.

    • Fist he says 90 days for a refund. I dispute in 30 days. I didn’t cycle so I was not going to wait 90 days of be out of time for alertpay. So then he says I should of asked 7 days for refund, after I first joined. So he can’t make up his mind when to give refund. Point is, he doesn’t really want to give a refund at all, and has made a loop to cover his butt so he won’t have to! Truth, I only joined cause it said, a refund in 90 days! The system only works if you can cycle once a month and when I didn’t and a whole lot others I know won’t either, a lot of people are going to demand refunds but he knew that.

  23. I have been in month also with no cycle, I think the testimonials are made up too because some people claim to have cycled twice in a month. It is also going to take longer to cycle due to more people joining. And it is illegal money go round as there is no product. so stay away from this one

  24. This site is definitely a scam. I guess in order to really know about sites like this is by experience, and I sure have had my fill. They first sucker you into thinking if you join and pay, and within the 90 days you can get a refund if you do not cycle, they then neglect to tell you you have to keep paying them for 3 months first whether you cycle or not, within 90 days, but what they really don’t bother to tell you is you have to keep paying them the $17 a month for 3 months, and if you don’t ever cycle during the 3 months, you have blown $17 plus another $17 and another $17! That is a lot of money for a poor person but they get richer and richer. They are nothing but a bunch of crooks! They say they will repay you but they are just scamming you. Don’t trust such sites that claim to give money back. I sure am not going to waste another $17, two times more just to see if they’d finally refund me! If they won’t refund my first month when I haven’t cycled, what makes you think they would 3 months. By that time people will begin to see they are a scam, but it will be too late for them. I am going to plaster them in the forums and if you have been scammed by them I suggest you do the same. Hopefully no other people will give them their money. This is not a safe site for investors wanting fast cash. It should be called, kash gone!

      • Cycling is a term that means when “x” amount come in to a program, you make money. It can run where its a long line (like Kash Kwik) or only those who you bring to the company and down a line as far as the program is set up for. Its MLM basically.

        Kash Kwik has a straight LINE that builds in one line, and when someone cycles or renews or comes in, that pushes up the line. The thing with KK is that renewals cause cycling, and cyclers go back to the bottom of line, and each month a new position is added (you in 3 months, you have 3 positions)

        If you bring anyone in, when they are pushed through the system (cycle) – you get paid 100% match, or exactly what they make which in KK is $25 USD.

        The product in Kash Kwik is Advertising banners in over 7 company websites, and there are Bonus Material you can download as well.

        Hope that helps

        • I have been sending and receiving e mails from kashkwik trying to put my point accross, admin says if he was scammer he would not offer a refund, the testimonials are genuine, do not believe what you read on forums etc etc. Below is a copy of the last mail I sent and am still awaiting a reply.


          You only put what you want people to see on your site, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest you have paid people (only your word and no one knows you).

          There are only good testimonials from people who say they have cycled more than once a month. An honest admin would allow negative testimonials also, obviuosly edited for bad language. It is impossible to cycle in a month and for people who do not want to promote it is a loser. So please tell me who these people are that say they have cycled twice in one month.,

          You say you will refund in 90 days if no money is made, well in 90 days you may well refund if no money is made and this refund is in place by you knowing full well that a cycle will take place and so voiding the refund, but what about people who cycle maybe only once or twice in 90 days (which is a probality due to the high numbers joining), so the person pays $51 in 90 days, he/she would have to cycle 3 times to make a profit, ie one cycle a month which is now impossible. So your refund is zero because a person cycled once in 90 days has paid $51 and receiving $25 which is a loss. NO REFUND, THIS IS YOUR GET OUT OF PAYING PLAN BECAUSE MONEY HAS BEEN MADE EVEN IF IT IS ONLY $25

          As for the freebies, they are no value to me whatsover, as for the banners, well they just dont work now as well as they used to. I am experienced in web design and seo and banners come bottom of the promotional list.

          Just do the math, look to the future assuming you last that long. Assume that people continue to sign up in droves and your membership level gets to 20.000 plus, or even just 10.000. How long do you think it will take to cycle, much more than 90 days, so are you going to honour your refund policy?? You said before that the more people that sign up, the quicker you will cycle, you are very wrong, it will take much longer.

          Nope I am afraid Kashkwik is a non runner for a long time investment opportunity

  25. Definitely a scam. They sit back making millions while we sit and wait and wait and wait. I never cycled when they claimed I would and I sure do not plan to cough up anotehr $17 for next month!


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