Boy in China Kills Self to Avoid Debt Collector and Getting Legs Sawn Off

Wow. It looks like being in debt in the U.S. is a lot better than in China. Nobody is getting their legs sawn off here.

Here is a story from China.

The parents of an 18-year-old boy who committed suicide are suing for 760,000 yuan ($111,340) the man they say drove him to it.

Father Liao Liubin and mother Dan Qiying allege that Wang Mansheng kidnapped and threatened their son to pay him 30,000 yuan ($4,395) for knocking down Wang’s 76-year-old mother with an electric bicycle.

The mouthless, noseless body of Liao Zhenping was discovered in a hole near the railway tracks at Fengzhuang, Fengtai district in October last year, 37 days after he died.

Liao had drunk strong pesticide and left a note in his pocket saying he was unable to pay and didn’t want his family dragged into it, according to an investigation by the Fengtai District Public Security Bureau.

“I killed myself and I want to sever my relationship with my family so they don’t have to repay the money for me,” Liao had written in the letter.

Liao had knocked down 76-year-old Wang Guiying on his way to work at a nearby small restaurant September 13 last year, injuring her so seriously that she was bedridden, according to the paper.

Wang’s family went to Liao’s house that noon and sought 30,000 yuan medical expenses.

The boy’s mother Dan was “unreasonable saying she wasn’t obliged to deal with the trouble,” said Dan’s landlord who was not named by the Beijing Evening News.

The mother reportedly told the Wangs “it was none of her business as Liao was 18 and a legal adult,” a village secretary surnamed Zhao told the paper.

The mother was told if she didn’t give the Wangs their money, her son’s legs would be sawn off, according to Dan.

The 18-year-old Liao was then led away by Wang and made to find somewhere to borrow money, but failed.

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Liao disappeared, leaving an IOU note saying he would repay the money in two days. He never came home again.

After her son went missing, Dan paid Wang 7,900 yuan ($1,157) and called the police.

Wang told the paper the boy’s death was a case of atrocious parenting, alleging Liao’s mother Dan exhibited little comfort or support for her son.

“She didn’t stop beating and slapping him even after Liao kneeled down and kept begging her,” Wang told the Beijing Evening News. “I couldn’t bear to watch it.”

Dan replied the boy’s death was caused by Wang as the suicide note was dated the same day as the compensation repayment deadline.

Fengtai District People’s Court accepted the case Wednesday and will hear it in a month, according to Li Chen, a court official.


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