Credit Relief Act. Are You Eligible? Appears Intended to Deceive Innocent Consumers.

I discovered an advertisement for a site called Credit Relief Act (creditreliefact.com) that appears, in my opinion, designed to intentionally confuse and mislead consumers into thinking there is a government program to reduce debt.

The advertisement I saw said: Obama Credit Bailout Plan See if You Qualify for the Obama Credit Reform Bailout Plan See Now.

The site does mention it is not a government program but only in lighter text in the fine print and one short sentence on the FAQ page. Unless you went hunting for that information it would be easy to overlook.

Credit Relief Act Web Site
Credit Relief Act Web Site

The Fine Print

The fine print on the bottom of the site gives us the most information about what this site is all about. On the site the text is in a lighter color and all jammed together. Let me break it apart for you to make it clearer.

CreditReliefAct.com and it’s affiliates are not sponsored by or affiliated with any government or State authority or agency.

CreditReliefAct.com is not a credit counselor, lender or credit card issuer, nor is it an insurance broker. CreditReliefAct.com does not take applications for loans, nor does not make loans or credit decisions in connection with loans, nor does it issue commitments or lock-in agreements. CreditReliefAct.com is not an agent of the consumer or credit counselor, bank, or loan broker (all of these hereinafter referred to as “Agents”).

CreditReliefAct.com services are administrative only, relaying consumer requests for services to Lenders, Debt Arbitrators and or Credit Agents. Consumers are not charged a fee to use this website and are under no obligation to use any Agent or Lender’s services.

CreditReliefAct.com does not guarantee that completing the form or utilizing the contact number provided herein will result in a consumer receiving counseling or a loan from a Lender.

CreditReliefAct.com receives its compensation from advertising services. The contact form and or contact number provided by a consumer is NOT an application for credit. Rather, it is a request to be placed in an aggregate consumer base CreditReliefAct.com does not request, obtain or review consumer credit history reports as part of our services.

The information provided on this site is for personal use only and does not constitute legal or financial advice. It is strongly recommended that you consult with a licensed professional before entering into any loan or other agreement. – Source

It appears to me that this site is a lead generating site primarily for debt settlement companies. I came to that conclusion based on the content on the ‘Program’ page. On that page it says that debt can be reduced by up to 70% and monthly payments are reduced. Outside of debt settlement, bankruptcy would be the only other tool able to accomplish those results.

Credit Relief Act Program

I did get a chuckle out of the solution, take advantage of the credit card companies and get credit relief.

Video Site Review

Here is a narrated video tour and review of the site and how it works.

Other Sites on this Same Server

I was unable to determine what company is responsible for the Credit Relief Act web site. But I was able to uncover a list of other sites on the same server. Here they are.

1. 101creditrepairservices.com
2. 101debtsettlement.com
3. 101taxsettlement.com
4. 123creator.com
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23. Avoid-bankruptcy-indianapolis.com
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25. Avoid-bankruptcy-lasvegas.com
26. Avoid-bankruptcy-littlerock.com
27. Avoid-bankruptcy-losangeles.com
28. Avoid-bankruptcy-maryland.com
29. Avoid-bankruptcy-massachusettes.com
30. Avoid-bankruptcy-massachusetts.com
31. Avoid-bankruptcy-miami.com
32. Avoid-bankruptcy-michigan.com
33. Avoid-bankruptcy-missouri.com
34. Avoid-bankruptcy-montana.com
35. Avoid-bankruptcy-nebraska.com
36. Avoid-bankruptcy-nevada.com
37. Avoid-bankruptcy-newmexico.com
38. Avoid-bankruptcy-newyork.com
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40. Avoid-bankruptcy-oklahomacity.com
41. Avoid-bankruptcy-omaha.com
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43. Avoid-bankruptcy-philadelphia.com
44. Avoid-bankruptcy-phoenix.com
45. Avoid-bankruptcy-siouxfalls.com
46. Avoid-bankruptcy-southdakota.com
47. Avoid-bankruptcy-texas.com
48. Avoid-bankruptcy-virginia.com
49. Avoid-bankruptcy-virginiabeach.com
50. Avoid-bankruptcy-washingtondc.com
51. Avoidbankruptcytool.com
52. Buyelectroniccigarettescentral.com
53. Californiamodificationact.com
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63. Creditratefix.com
64. Creditreductionplan.com
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98. Getficoraised.com
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156. Rhodeisland-loan-modifications.com
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159. Taxsettlementact.com
160. Tennessee-loan-modifications.com
161. Texas-loan-modifications.com
162. Texasmodificationact.com
163. Thedebtact.com
164. Thedebtreliefact.com
165. Thedebtrelieftool.com
166. Usastimulusprograms.com
167. Utah-loan-modifications.com
168. Vermont-loan-modifications.com
169. Verticalimages.info
170. Verticalspider.com
171. Vintageoldskool.com
172. Virginia-loan-modifications.com
173. Washington-loan-modifications.com
174. Webelectroniccigarettes.com
175. Webpintrack.com
176. Westvirginia-loan-modifications.com
177. Wisconsin-loan-modifications.com
178. Wyoming-loan-modifications.com

Another Site on This Server Caught My Eye

Now let’s say the designers of the Credit Relief Act had not set out, in my opinion, to intentionally confuse or mislead consumers into believing there was a government program called the Credit Relief Act.

If so, how do you explain the site FTCFairCreditReportingAct.com which uses the logos of the Federal Trade Commission and Office of the Inspector General? See picture below and you will see the government logos in the lower corners.

FTC Fair Credit Reporting Act

This site also has an eligibility form on it and when I completed it I said I had no late payments and I had not experienced a denial for credit, surprise, I qualified for a credit repair forensic audit.


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11 thoughts on “Credit Relief Act. Are You Eligible? Appears Intended to Deceive Innocent Consumers.”

  1. There are a couple of big clues on the site: It says that it’s not a government agency; and it says that by submitting your info, you are agreeing to be contacted by telemarketers. It’s right beneath the button where you submit your information. You really do need to read the print – it’s not even fine print!

  2. There are a couple of big clues on the site: It says that it’s not a government agency; and it says that by submitting your info, you are agreeing to be contacted by telemarketers. It’s right beneath the button where you submit your information. You really do need to read the print – it’s not even fine print!

  3. WOW!!! I was so close to filling out the application. I have heard and seen the advertisements everywhere. I figured it was too good to be true. Thanks Steve.

  4. wow i called then up the other day and gave them my information.. Yeah they look like a scam now.. I had the interview i called up and said i wanted to cancel and that i couldn’t afford the 201 dollars payments and getting out of debt in 3 1/2 years wow glad i saw this later on because the site looks legit after i called they said i wanted to cancel they tried to best to keep like lower the payment to 150. So i asked to make sure they don’t take any money out my account they said they wouldn’t and that the lady would call back next month wow. Thanks man..i will have to make sure the banks knows that this is a scam and i don’t get charged.


  5. Like Asa, I am so glad I read this report of yours. Steven do you of any “true” debt bailout plans out there. Please if you do, kindly provide the info. This will be very helpful in helping get my life back on track. Regards

  6. i am so glad i saw ur eport i almost fell for this. is there a real way to fix ur bad credit without getting scamed or paying someone for something u can do on ur own. my guess is there is no quick fix.


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