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Local Television Station Wants to Sell Me Subprime Car Loan

By on June 10, 2010
Local Television Station Wants to Sell Me Subprime Car Loan

Last night I was watching television when the following advertisement came on.

What struck me was that my local television statement was so interested in marketing a subprime loan to viewers.

The ad lead me to the local television station site with a banner to the subprime lender.

800 Start Over CW 22

The car lender site led me to Getty Advertising.

Getty Advertising

Apparently Getty Advertising places advertising on local stations to help generate revenue for the stations through a partnership with the station.

Getty Advertising is a full-service agency specializing in convergence media! We form strategic alliance campaigns that create new revenue for television, radio and newspapers nationwide. Our risk-free solutions generate enormous benefits for our media partners and their clients. – Source

This video below helps to further describe the 1-800-Start-Over pitch that I saw on my local station.

[flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/startover.flv /]

It’s not the ad for a subprime car lender that I found interesting, it was the leveraging of the television stations branding in conjunction with the advertiser that struck me. I’m not saying it is wrong, just a new approach to me.

Here is an example for a FOX and ABC stations promoting their cooperative law line.

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