Get Real Dave Burke – Your Real Talk Network is Going to End a Bloody Mess

Readers might think I have had a vendetta against Dave Burke and his Real Talk Network. I truly do not. But in my opinion Burke’s reign of his debt relief enterprise is rapidly nearing an end, and it will be a bloody end.

Dave Burke has been relentless in his bending and breaking of trust and respect in his efforts to sell unsuspecting people thousands of dollars of dubious debt relief help that only landed many in collections and worse off.

What is most disturbing is the dangerous journey he is taking that have left and will leave many financially wrecked as the Real Talk Network spirals in and augers a big hole into the ground.

Like the oil spill hitting the beaches. RTN is going to end in a costly mess.

You’ve got to ask yourself, if Dave Burke’s debt relief approach is above board and honest then why does he have an F rating and 100+ complaints with the BBB (source), numerous lawsuits against him, one investigative television report under his belt (watch here), another in the works and as stated, at least two law enforcement departments actively investigating him?

The people I feel most sorry for are Erik Sale, Matt Pillmore, John Deckys, and the other people that participated in Burke’s enterprise to the detriment of their personal reputations. These men are now all left with attempting to redeem themselves and repair a reputation that was severely damaged when they tied their wagon to Burke’s enterprise.

And then there is Melodie Rose Burke, the wife of David Allen Burke. Melodie plays and has played an active part in the Real Talk Network as an initial director and a registred agent and is leaving a lasting legacy for her family that could unfortunately shame her in the future unless she steps up to take action to stop the Real Talk Network and Dave Burke cold in his tracks to prevent the further abuse of consumers by the Real Talk Network, Real Talk Network Radio Show, and his debt relief enterprise.

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On June 1, 2010 I wrote Breaking Down the Misleading and Deceptive Financial Sales Pitch From the Get Real With Dave Burke Radio Show. That article dissected Burke’s recent radio show in San Diego, bit by bit, to show the misinformation and false impressions he was spreading.

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By June 12, 2010 he was still at it and just as egregious. You can listen to the June 12 KFMB broadcast in San Diego below.


“You Are Gonna Kill Yourself If You Pass This Up.” – Dave Burke

Now I am told that the latest investigative television report is underway in San Diego as I write this.

At some point Burke should have realized that when his own coaches, cohorts, and employees of the enterprise are running for cover, don’t want to be associated with him and are spilling the beans, he has a train wreck on his hands.

There is NO good that can come from the legacy he has and is creating for himself, his coworkers and one that inevitably and sadly, his children will discover at some point in the future.

The only single hope to prevent a tortured end would be for Burke to fall on the sword right now, cease operations, apologize to all injured parties, stop all collections on past clients and issue requested refunds.

Otherwise, I would not be surprised in the least if he isn’t charged criminally in either California or Colorado and winds up doing jail time.

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