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Banishing Debt Spells and Other Stuff to Waste Your Money On

Over the years I’ve seen so many people offer so much crap in an effort to persuade people there is some magic way to deal with debt. most of it seems to be nothing more than a way to separate people from their money.

Here are some examples of the type of stuff that is available online.

Banish Debt Spell

The banishing debt spell is a special formula that is designed for people that are $6,000 in debt or more. Whether your debt is credit card debt, bank loans, student loans or more, the magical forces in this spell will help you to reconcile your debt so that you can be free from owing anyone anything.

Debt is a natural part of managing your finances. However, not all debt is good, especially if you have more than $6,000. The Banishing Debt Spells will help to ensure that you have control over your finances by helping to deliver you back to a clean slate. No matter how long it has been since you have been in debt, the Banishing Debt Spells can help to ensure that you no longer have to worry.

When you are free from your debt once and for all, you will feel liberated and content. Some of the many benefits that are associated with this spell include:

  • Ability to manage finances
  • Ability to avoid situations that would lead to debt
  • Fortune and luck when it comes to finding work
  • Financial security
  • Optimism and a sense of well-being
  • Attraction to you by others
  • Prosperity that is long-lasting for you and your family

Getting out of debt will leave you able to enjoy life again without having to worry about the burdens that debt carries. After all, debt, for most people, is a tie that binds and holds you down. Take back the freedom that comes with being without debt by ordering this powerful magic spell today! – Source

The expedited service for this spell will only cost you $2,300 and you can pay via credit card.

Maybe Something More in an Online Auction Approach?

Maybe you are interested in something in a more Santeria niche. Just turn to eBay and there you can bid on a Banish Debts Get Out of Debt Spell. EXU 7 GATE MACUMBA. But you get free shipping. The buy now price is $419. No returns accepted.

Hum, Still Looking for Personal Service But Cheaper?

The personalized spell offered for $2,300 is a bit pricy so maybe something cheaper is more attractive. Is there a spell for bargain shopping?

Interestingly this spell offered on this other site has the same $6,000 debt minimum.

This spell harnesses positive forces to assist you in eliminating your loans and alleviating the struggle with bills and creditors. Imagine spending the rest of your life with a surplus of money instead of constantly thinking about paying back old debts! – Source

These spells are only $200 to $990 with combo deals available.

A Spell for Debt Settlement

Another variation on the $6,000 minimum debt spell even says it will help you to reduce the amount you owe.

Your debts will be forgiven, paid or lowered drastically until banished for good. This debt spell will stop any debt that has been plaguing your family, no matter how much debt you are in. This debt spell is not for small amounts, use only if you are $6,000 or more in debt and want to get rid of it now. – Source

The good news is this spell only costs $29 to $199 for Emergency Power.

Still Shopping for a Bargain?

If $29 still sounds like too large of an investment in a spell, how about $16.95?

For $16.95 you can buy the debt banishing kit.

The kit description says:

Bills stacking up and spilling over? Got more than you can pay? Then what you need is a fresh perspective. A new financial plan. Well, okay… you could probably use a little magical assistance, too. Something to melt that debt right into a puddle and banish it for good – and that’s exactly what this kit is designed to do!

Your Debt Banishing Spell Kit includes:

1 Protection/Banishing Candle
1 Vial Un-Crossing Oil
1 Incense Cone

Detailed instruction booklet

Maybe Something More High Tech. Get Out of Debt Spell. There’s an App for That.

For only $1.99 you can purchase and download the Stop Debt Magic iPhone application.

The description of the application says:

Debt is easy to get into, difficult to get out of! You know all about it. You get into it in big happy jumps, have to crawl out dollar by miserable dollar. And everyone will give you their good advice of how to get out of debt:

“If you are in a hole, you have to stop digging deeper!”
“You have to simplify, sell everything you absolutely don’t need, pay off your debts and start your life again . . . . . “

Yes, yes, yes! You know all that! Have heard it too many times. It’s easy to say, difficult to do! It’s easy for them to talk! What you really need to get out of that abyss, would have to be some kind of magic!

Exactly! Magic! That’s what you need!

A Magic Spell to help you get out of debt! Nothing else would be powerful enough to get you out of that deep and depressing hole!

But a real Magic spell, cast for you by a real wizard or a white witch? That would do it for sure!

And you are lucky today, because you have such a magic spell right here, in front of you, as an iPhone app.

Yes, this is a real Magic spell, created for you by Vicki Mitchell, who is a resident Mystic at How cool is that? An absolutely real, genuine magic spell!

How easily will you breath, how well will you sleep, when you are without debt hanging over you! Like you used to live before you jumped in!

After you download it, follow the easy instructions and then “cast” the spell. All you have to do, is to:

*** Believe that the spell will work for you.

*** Think hard and with a lot of emotion about how much better your life will be, when your debts are paid off, and you are free again!

*** Follow the prompts.

*** Listen to the spell being spoken by your iPhone.

*** Go and have some clean fun which doesn’t involve any money. Not a single cent!

*** Do something physical! Go for a long walk! Roll on the grass and watch the sky. Can you hear some birds?

Cast the spell every time you start getting gloomy and depressed about your situation. You can use it again and again. It lasts forever.

Hey – that sounds Magic! Well, – of course it does, because it is!

What are you waiting for? Take Action now! Time to get some Magic protection and start on that path, which leads to total freedom! – Source

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  • Too funny Steve, LOL!

    Now I CAN see doing some silly ritual thing BEFORE you go to the mall though to keep you from spending too much, That could be a good idea!

    And if the ritual is long enough…Maybe it could deter you from going to the mall altogether, LOL!

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