Is 4Ginfinity.com Yet Another Get Rich Quick Money Making Ponzi Scheme or Pyramid Scam?

A recent comment on a previous post of mine directed me to 4ginfinity.com, “The Next Generation Straight-Line.” Frankly, my opinion is that people need to avoid money game programs like this. It appears to be nothing more than a naked pyramid scheme.

The site offers a buried statement that it is not a get rich quick program. The site header tells a different story, don’t you think?

4Ginfinity appears to be yet another site determined, in my opinion, to separate people from their money. As of today they claim to have 544 active members. – Source

The 4Ginfinity site happens to be related, at least by server, to another debunked program called KiwkKash, you can read all about that one here.

In my mind the appraoch of 4Ginfinity.com and other similar programs falls under the definition of pyramid schemes and other programs to avoid according to the Federal Trade Commission. In the FTC action against JewelWay the FTC stated ” the defendants were operating a pyramid scheme because their promotional efforts focused primarily on recruiting and not on retail sales to non-participants.” in the FTC action against Fortuna Alliance the FTC said that “Pyramid schemes are characterized by the payment of money to the scheme’s promoter in return for which participants receive the right to recruit new participants. Earnings in a pyramid scheme are derived primarily from recruiting other participants into the program, not from the sale of products or services.”

In the 4GInfinity program, while people do not have to recruit they do get paid a “$5 referral bonus and monthly residual for each of your personally sponsored referrals.”

The FTC also stated, “Pyramid schemes are inherently injurious to consumers because they must eventually collapse. Like chain letters, pyramid schemes may make money for those at the top of the chain or pyramid, but end up injuring the vast majority of participants at the bottom who can find few or no recruits.”

Sites hosted on the same server as 4Ginfinity.com include:

50kbanners.com, Adslistsupreme.com, All-teamed-up.com, Crazylistmailer.com, Dgnslaunchalert.com, Dgnsnetworks.biz, Dgnsnetworks.info, Dhkwik.com, Fortunefrontier.com, Kashkwik.com, My-mlmtoolkit.com, My98kcbteam.com, Tagoldmine.com, Tcbteamvip.com, Tmifyi.com, Tngpro.com, Totalteamprofit.com, Whybelast.com

When I wrote about my concerns with KwikKash.com I focused more on why these programs are a pyramid scheme in my opinion. This time I’m going to focus more on the terms and conditions associated with the 4Ginfinity program and give readers a heads-up on what to look for before enrolling in any “do no work but make lots of money” program.

4Ginfinity Terms and Conditions

The entire 4Ginfinity terms and conditions can be found here.

I seriously doubt many people read the fine print when signing up with some money making online scheme. So let’s look at some of the interesting parts of the T&Cs.

By signing up for the 4ginfinity.com program, Member is opting-in to receive other special offer emails from 4ginfinity.com and its 4ginfinity.com members.

So by enrolling in the program you are agreeing to be spammed by unknown parties since apparently all 4Ginfinity members will now be able to email you offers as well.

Spamming is strictly prohibited. Any spamming done to advertise 4ginfinity.com will result in immediate termination of your account and a forfeiture of your account balance. Incidents will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

So if members are agreeing to receive special offer emails from other members but spamming is not allowed, what is spam?

4ginfinity.com has the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel, at any time and for any or no reason, a Member’s membership in and access to the 4ginfinity.com Website and the 4ginfinity.com program. All Earnings may be cancelled in 4ginfinity.com’s sole discretion, and the Member may be referred to appropriate law enforcement agencies if such action is deemed warranted by 4ginfinity.com.

Participants in the 4Ginfinity program apparently can be kicked out at any time and for no reason and lose everything.

Any membership that is canceled/terminated will forfeit all benefits and privileges associated with 4ginfinity.com. Any positions held in participating Programs owned by 4ginfinity.com will also be forfeited and ownership will be reassigned to 4ginfinity.com.

So any member that is terminated for any or no reason would then have all benefits reassigned to 4Ginfinity.com.

Any Member who engages in chat, email, postings or any other medium, content that is deemed damaging or slanderous to 4ginfinity.com and or its members will be terminated from 4ginfinity.com without notice. Depending on the seriousness, 4ginfinity.com may deem it appropriate to exercise legal action.

If any member exercises their freedom of speech, they will be terminated and forfeit everything. Unhappy members who speak out can be sued by 4Ginfinity? How is that fair and is that the mark of a respectable program? If you speak out, you lose everything. It reminds me of the first two rules about fight club.

If a member objects to any of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, or any subsequent modifications to this agreement, or becomes dissatisfied with the Program, Member’s only recourse is to immediately discontinue participation in the 4ginfinity.com program and properly terminate his or her membership.

If you object to the terms of the program, you lose everything.

We have a NO Refund Policy.

So there is no guarantee but then there is something called the 120 Day Money Back Challenge.

If you, the member, stays ACTIVE for 120 FULL DAYS in the 4Ginfinity.com program and do NOT earn any money what so ever, you can then at the 120th day from when they joined and upgraded, ask for a full refund of the first 4 months of $27.50 4Ginfinity membership fees you paid. ($110 over 4 months). The member must express to 4ginfinity.com that they wish to receive 4 months of membership fees paid (if no money has been earned) within 48 hours of the 120 Day anniversary of the day the member officially upgraded. You may also continue to keep your subscription active and remain in the 4ginfinity.com program.

How many people are going to track the 48 hour window following the 120th day?

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Here’s The Thing

The entire 4Ginfinity program appears to be offered by no legal entity. The terms and conditions never disclose who is the legal owner of the 4Ginfinity.com site is or who the person or entity name is behind it.

On the privacy policy page it lists a post office box address of PO BOX 200513, Evans, CO 80620.

But guess what, as of the publishing of this article, according to the State of Colorado, there is no registered business authorized to do business in Colorado called 4Ginfinity and the 4Ginfinity site lists no other possible ownership entity other than 4Ginfinity.com.

However, there is this mention of possible controllers and people behind the program:

4GInfinity will be a life changer! Gregg & Wayne always producers winners. Grab your upgrade right now and create success for yourself.

Bill Connelly
powerof5system.com –

Since 4Ginfinity and KwikKash exist on the same server and KwikCash is under the control of Greg Wallmuller and Wayne Merritt identified in the KwikKash article and comments, I’ll assume these are the Greg and Wayne mentioned.

So I’m left wondering why Greg and Wayne have either not registered a business to do business in Colorado and/or not identified that business as the legal entity behind 4Ginfinity. I was also curious why they offer a refund policy on their KwikKash system but specifically a no refund policy on the 4Ginfinity system. Do they have no confidence in the ability for their 4Ginfinity system to work as promised?

But it’s all moot anyway since the 4Ginfinity program is unenforceable since the terms and conditions are between the consumer and a non-identifiable entity that is not authorized to do business in the State of Coloardo.

Harsh Terms and Conditions Elsewhere

The most egregious part of the terms and conditions, in my opinion, was the statement that any member that speaks up about the program gets booted. A search of the terms on the internet found a number of similar money game programs that use the same approach, including:

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HolyGrailResiduals.com – Source
MyLittleSavings.com – Source

But my favorite site I came across was GreedyMongrals.com. Their slogan is “Let other people’s greed help fill your pockets.”

The Pitch of Easy Money Programs is the Same

The lure of money games, gifting programs, matrix money programs, etc. is the same, easy money.

And for the most part these programs are illegal or border on illegal as straight out pyramid schemes.

Heck, even one of the sellers of the software that drives some of these programs says so.

It makes good business sense to provide downloads to the value of entry, so your program isn’t considered as a ‘pyramid scheme’.

The publisher of that script even offers another similar program that offers banner ads and text ads to subscribers of the program which sounds exactly like what is being sold over at 4Ginfinity.com. By the way, the script is all of $99.

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Online Videos About 4Ginfinity.com

I had to laugh at the video below and it’s get in quick pitch. According to the video on June 8, 2010 there were about 500 people in the program and the statement is made that the 4Ginfinity.com program is very hot and by June 15, 2010 the program will be over 5,000 people. Yea, it’s 544 as of today.

One more online 4Ginfinity video. This one is somewhat of a review.


Before you feel attracted to any online get rich quick hype or investing money into some unknown entity where you do no work but get paid, consider this first, it is generally just a ploy to separate you from your money.

In my opinion, programs like 4Ginfinity are fly by night operations, operating probably illegally and offering not much more that a pyramid scheme.

Do you remember Tom Vu?

For some reason these money games remind me of this old infomercial.

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