I Sit Down With a Bankruptcy Attorney and Talk About Filing Bankruptcy – Get Out of Debt Podcast

Here is the latest Get Out of Debt podcast.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Jackson, a bankruptcy attorney from Ohio and talked about many different aspects of bankruptcy including:

  • The fear of approaching a bankruptcy attorney.
  • Common questions and concerns when people are considering bankruptcy
  • The benefits of bankruptcy to stop debt collections, lawsuits, and wage garnishments.
  • Some of the debt relief scams Jeff has seen in his bankruptcy practice.
  • We discuss other solutions that give consumer some power over their creditors other than bankruptcy.
  • The ability to reestablish credit after bankruptcy.
  • How to save money each month during a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan.
  • What happens once someone decides they want to go bankrupt.
  • What happens at the meeting of the creditors.
  • How to stop debt collectors from calling when you file bankruptcy.
  • What happens when you can’t afford your Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment.
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