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Debtfree Lifestyle Today Sounds Like a Scam. I Called. Debt Settlement Lead Generator Gets Punked by Them as Well.

Apparently people are getting calls from a company calling itself Debtfree Lifestyle Today. Whoever is behind this has even hijacked the name and reputation of another site and is making allegedly illegal outbound calls promising debt relief.

So I Called Them and What I Heard Was Shocking and Laughable. Listen.

In researching this story I called the number listed for Debtfree Lifestyle Today, 877-282-3707 and was pitched a very odd debt belief program where my payment went up, I was to pay $49 per month for attorney help to monitor my interest rates, my interest rates would be lowered and fixed, and I was told the Federal Reserve had instituted a program to lower all credit card interest rates, which of course is total horseshit.

The funniest parts of the call are in the last third where the representative tells me that going out to eat is a “wastage of money” and tries his best to not tell me who they are, gives me a fake address, and a bunch of other lies. Wait till you hear the hold message.

Listen below.

When you hear the hold message it is actually for a company called which is En Pointe Technologies. I confirmed the En Pointe web site address with the National Minority Supplier Development Council identified in the message.

I contacted En Pointe Technologies for a comment but by the time this was published I had not heard back from them.

Even though I say during the call that Florida does not have a statewide chamber of commerce, they in fact do. The debt relief company attempts to assure me the company is licensed and bonded by the Florida Chamber of Commerce. I spoke to the Florida Chamber of Commerce and they told me they neither license or bond companies or had a company named Debtfree Lifestyle Today as a member.

BBB On to Debtfree Lifestyle Today as Well

According to reports, this company has been soliciting debt negotiating services over the phone. The BBB is currently in the process of gathering additional information.

The BBB became aware of this entity calling itself Debt Free Lifestyle who attempted to solicit their debt services to a BBB staff person in what appeared to be by auto dialer.

According to this conversation, the company representative stated that he had received the BBB staff person’s information from their bank and offered to reduce the amount they paid on credit cards. When questioned where the company was located, the representative stated Boca Rotan, FL. However, the representative phone number showed up on the caller ID was 310-568-6007, which is a Los Angeles, CA listing.

The representative continued to explain his company’s debt program that included pre-negotiated interest of 0% for credit card balances, but in order to qualify, money would have to be transferred to their company account on a montly basis. During this time, the representative said that all payments from the customer to the credit card companies would need to stop even though he admitted there would be a “slight” negative impact on the cardholder’s credit score.

Since the BBB continued to ask questions , they were transferred to a supervisor, who ended up disconnecting the call.

Additional Numbers:
Tel: (310) 568-6007
Tel: (877) 282-3707- Source

Notice to Consumers From the Real Debt Free Life Company posts the following consumer warning message on their site.

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Important Notice: If you have received calls from any company claiming to be Debts Free Life, please be informed that we do not call anyone and it is not us who is calling you or anyone else. We are an internet lead generation company. We do not call anyone. There is another company that is using our name and calling customers.

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They are doing Voice Broadcast (when you hear a message and it says press 1 to talk to a rep and 2 to place your number on Do Not Call list.) They are calling number of Federal DNC list, and they are repeatedly calling people. They are charging customers without their authorization. They are calling from different numbers and using different company names.

We are already aware about the same and we have filed a police complaint with Denver Police, Colorado. This company is a call center based in Pakistan, their website is : , their call center website is , they work for a company which is based in USA.

Go ahead and file a complaint aginst them, you can get their details here: This is the website of the US based company We have requested them many times not to use our name, but they would not stop doing that.

If they have scammed you, please file a complaint against them. Report them to FTC for DNC violations, fraud, anything they have done to you.

We have testimonies of many customers who were scammed by this company. Please report them, they are using our name. If you want to pursue this matter further with this company, please inform us through the contact us form, we will get in touch with you to provide necessary details and a copy of the police complaint. You can also check some additional proof to confirm our claim.

These 2 websites listed above are not owned by us, neither they are influenced by us by any means. You can see a lot of people complaining about this scam company on these links above. – Source

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