It Seems Morgan Drexen Bailed on Me. – Rick

“Dear Steve,

I had accumulated debt on five credit cards. I am currently with Morgan Drexen Debt Settlement program and have been for two years. They helped me settle three of my credit cards. Now I am still paying into a trust fund. Now I am being sued by the other credit cards. It seems Morgan Drexen has bailed on me. I owe 25,000 combined on those cards.

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Is bankruptcy best for me before I get sued? I was going to go into a structured settlement. But I can only afford so much and it will linger on for quite some time.


Dear Rick,

Bankruptcy happens to be the only legal move you can make to block the lawsuits, drop any garnishment and discharge the debt. You should probably click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and go talk to them.

What was the advice from Morgan Drexen about your situation?

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