Can The Title Loan People Keep Calling Me for Payment? – Tracee

“Dear Steve,

I have a title loan with the cash store, I have been having health problems and have been late a couple of times but always notified them. They call me on the average of 8 to 10 times aday 3 days before my loan is due. They block there calls and call my work as well.

Can they call me and harass me like they do, 8 times on my cell phone a least 3 times at work I do not want to talk to them at all after that, the last time I was a day early to pay yet they had called me over 20 times. And In the store with other people in there she said she would do what she wanted and I was never ever on time. Can I do anything

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Dear Tracee,

Since the title loan company is the original creditor then the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act does not apply to them. You’d then have to turn to your state law to see if their actions constitute harassment.

But the real problem is they don’t have to call you, just wait till you are late and then take your car. I’m actually surprised they are trying so hard to make sure you pay on time. Many would not and take the car instead.

The obvious solution is to pay the debt off and never ever take out another title loan.

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