Damon & Steve Talk About Debt Settlement Bullshit – Get Out of Debt Podcast

Here is the latest Get Out of Debt show podcast.

Today <http://damonday.com>Damon Day and I got together and picked a topic in the debt relief world and discussed it at length to give you insight into the inside information on this topic. We hope to do this on a regular basis to share with you what we know to help you get out of debt.

This show revolves around my post The Latest Delivery of TASC and USOBA Debt Settlement Horseshit to the FTC.

Damon and I talk at length about the debt settlement approach to persuade the Federal Trade Commission to not prevent debt settlement companies from collecting advance fees and the debt settlement industry position that regulation would leave consumers in a worse position.

We discuss, why in our opinion, the statements and positions of TASC and USOBA debt settlement trade associations serves to hide or misdirect people from understanding how consumers are harmed by the current structure of upfront fee or advance fee debt settlement operations.

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