Stimulus Act of 2009 – StimulusActOf2009.org Site and What It is About.

I was recently asked if I knew anything about StimulusAct0f2009.org.


A quick look at the site tells me it’s a lead generating site. In fact it looks like the leads go to Leads360.com.


Leads360 describes themselves as:

Leads360 is the largest and most successful sales lead management company with over 2,500 clients and more than five years of experience helping businesses grow. We provide Web-based lead software to businesses that need a proven solution to help them manage their sales process from start to close. – Source

If I get a chance to spend more time on this story there is some interesting stuff here. Along with the StimulusActOf2009.org site the following sites are hosted on the same server.

For those in the debt industry you’ll see a smattering of debt settlement, loan modification, vehicle service contract and law center sites.

  1. 800debtsettlement.com
  2. 800settlement.com
  3. Aaa-directory.com
  4. Aaaemailmarketing.com
  5. Aaamarketingsolution.com
  6. Aaasellonline.com
  7. Aaasitebuilder.com
  8. Admsdirect.com
  9. Aflawcenter.com
  10. Americafinanciallaw.com
  11. Americanfinanciallawgroup.com – Same address used for Justice Law Group below.
  12. Artigreen.com
  13. Axisguide.com
  14. Breitway.com
  15. Buydirectbattery.com
  16. Callawgroup.com
  17. Carwarrantyplan.com
  18. Cash-forcar.com
  19. Consultlawgroups.com – Same address as other law sites hosted here.
  20. E-debtsettlement.net
  21. E-debtsettlement.org – Lists Oregon testimonial but they are not licensed in Oregon. – Source
  22. Emaxloans.com
  23. Finddentist800.com
  24. Findlawyer800.com
  25. Gomodify.com
  26. Gothardship.org
  27. Helplinefha.com
  28. Homesbylili.com
  29. Hostedvoipbusiness.com
  30. Justicelawgroup.com – Their address is actually that of Americanfinanciallawgroup.com. – Source
  31. K2klaw.com – Same office address as Justice Law Group and American Financial Law. – Source
  32. Ledlight4grow.com
  33. Lendinglawcenter.com
  34. Loanmodbuddy.com
  35. Lower-my–bills.com
  36. Modificationfirm.com
  37. Modificationlawfirm.com
  38. Myaaavoip.com
  39. Myllf.com – Liberty Law Firm. A totally discredited loan modification scam company whose attorney was just disbarred. See this article. – Source
  40. Parsproduce.com
  41. Poolservice800.com
  42. Poolservicessandiego.com
  43. Reducemycreditcards.com
  44. Safarikidca.com – Safari Kid Preschool. Oh how proud they will be once they find out who they are hosted with. – Source
  45. Shopmyinsurane.com
  46. Stimulusactof2009.com
  47. Stimulusactof2009.net
  48. Stimulusactof2009.org
  49. Targetmod.com
  50. Us-debtsettlement.org – Shows they are part of USOBA. – Source

The most important thing to know is that the Stimulus Act did not provide any sort of measure for debt reduction.

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