Watch Out for New Company, Real Debt Solutions. Looks Like the Work of Serial Debt Relief Scammer Bob Lindsey.

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent me the following email.

CCDN et. al. (Robert Lindsey, Philip Manger, Robert Lock, Tracy Webster, etc.) latest scams:

At first I could not see any connection between the people he mentioned but they I found something that creates an odd coincidence.

Bob Lindsey, a debt relief operator that was shut down by the State of Texas and who had an affiliation with the Credit Collection Defense Network just so happened to have an office at:

The Credit Card Solution
333 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Ste 1190
Houston, TX 77060


Freedom From Debt Alliance
363 N. Sam Houston Pkwy E.
Suite 1100 PMB #129
Houston, TX 77060

This new company the tipster (send in your tips here) told me about happens to have their office at the exact same mailbox place:

Real Debt Solutions
363 N. Sam Houston Parkway E
Suite 1100 PMB 139
Houston, TX 77060

Non-Profit Claims

On the Real Debt Solutions web site they claim to be a non-profit company. They say” We are a Not-For-Profit company dedicated to assisting people with debt problems.” – Source

A search for a company called Real Debt Solutions found no company registered to do business in Texas.

Real Debt Solutions TX

I called Real Debt Solutions to speak to a human and instead was greeted by this voicemail message that again said their name is Real Debt Solutions and they are a non-profit company.

A search of the IRS site for approved charities could find no company called Real Debt Solutions. – Source

The web site for Real Debt Solutions provides no supporting evidence the company name is either Real Debt Solutions or that they are in fact a non-profit organization as they claim.

Now if we look at the other domain sent in by the tipster (send in your tips here) it shares the same address but this time claims to be a credit restoration company and makes no mention of it being a non-profit company.

Real Debt Credit

What is interesting is on the RealDebtCredit.com site there is a payment page that says payments provided will appear on credit card statements as “Texas Mortgage Services”. – Source

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And above you can see an interesting revelation. The “non-profit” site on the right, with the blue background, is the site of Real Debt Solutions and the sites to the left with the white background are from RealDebtCredit.com. They use the same pictures on both sites.

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The only definitive connection I could make was to Bob Lindsey for the RealDebtSolutions.org enterprise. The connection is made through a press release sent out by the organization that lists Bob Lindsey as the contact person. It says for more information about Real Debt Solutions the contact information is Bob Lindsey, patricialin23@gmail.com, 98526310. – Source

My advice for any consumer thinking of using the services of either Real Debt Solutions, RealDebtSolutions.org, or RealDebtCredit.com is buyer beware and be sure to read this article.


New information just in from another tipster (send in your tips here) about this says that as recently as a couple of weeks ago Bob Lindsey was sending out emails that contained the link https://tccs.infusionsoft.com/[redacted] so people could better see Bob’s email message if they could not see it in his email.

Here is what the email message looked like.

What is most important to note is the Bob Lindsey is still using a marketing account that was associated with TCCS, The Credit Card Solution company he ran that was hit with a racketeering lawsuit.

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