Debt Settlement Attorney Andy Nelms Never Gave 30 of Us Our Last Paychecks. – Barbara

“Dear Steve,

About 30 of us worked for another company owned by Andy Nelms. Corbit Enterprises (DBA) Steak-Out.

I was the hardest hit. I was working for Corporate Steak-Out at the time & “traded” off to a multi million dollar ride (supposed to be). I was supposed to lead the Marketing for newly opened stores. Naturally all 30 employees were not paid our last pay checks.

They owed me nearly 3K by July 3 after being indicted on July 1. Is there any hope of us ever recooping any of this money owed to us. I have yet to see all the things listed he filed bankruptcy on & with his wife as his attorney, it is even harder to communicate. I had been with some form of Steak-Out for nearly 15 years & this was my “golden ticket” so to speak. It lasted all of 6 weeks. I was NOT prepared for this.

I was, however fortunate enough to have a part time job that came through for me immediately. I once again, now work part time for Steak-Out Montgomery as Marketing Director on top of my full time job just to make ends meet.

I have never once received any paper work about any of this. The receiver was helpful in the beginning, but, turned like a rabid dog at one point towards all of us with Corbit. Any suggestions for any of us at all???

Thank you in advance,


Dear Barbara,

Readers will know Andy Nelms as the principal behind Allegro Law Debt Settlement. Nelms was sued by the State of Alabama and his debt settlement company placed into receivership. He latter filed bankruptcy and it looks now that consumers who were enrolled with Allego Law will be lucky to get some of their money held on deposit back.

You can read the bankruptcy filing for Nelms at the end of this other article.

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According to the filing he does list Corbett Enterprises as an asset.

It seems to me you need some specific legal advice regarding this situation so you are much better off speaking to a lawyer licensed in Alabama.

Please update me on your progress by

You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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