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So USOBA, Is The Premier Debt Solvers Site Deceptive?

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent me in an example of a USOBA web site that uses a President Obama video on their site in an apparent attempt to bolster their message. My question is if the use of the video violates the new USOBA Zero Tolerance policy for deceptive marketing.

According to the way I read their policy, it might not. So let’s see if USOBA actually determines that the use of the Obama commercial violate their new tough policy and actually suspends Florida Debt Settlement by Premier Debt Solvers from USOBA. I’ll email USOBA now and see what they say.

Update From USOBA

I received a response back from Jenna Keehnen, the Executive Director of USOBA to my request if the use of the Obama video was not allowed under the new Zero Tolerance policy. Apparently it is allowed.

Here is what Jenna said:

I sent this website to members of our board to review and they agree that nowhere on the website does the company in question infer or make any claims to being affiliated, approved by, related to, governed by or in any way attached to President Obama or the administration. They do not use any words like bailout, government program, stimulus program or post a phony DC address to mislead consumers.

However, even though it is unlikely that the video could be misconstrued, we reached out to the member company to discuss it. To ensure clarity, they offered to put a disclaimer at the video site that states something along the lines of: Debt Settlement is not a government program or affiliated with President Obama.


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