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U.S. Financial Advantage Turns Out to Be The New Name for Financial Hope for America

I previously got a tip that debt relief company Financial Hope for America was changing it’s name to US Financial Advisors. A new tip now says the new company that will take over for FH4A will be named U.S. Financial Advantage.

Here is what an insider shared with me.

Actually, the new “company” is US Financial Advantage (, and the location we’re giving clients is 993 S. Santa Fe, Suite C, Vista, CA 92083. A Google Earth search will reveal the fact that this is actually a Payday Advance store (right next to a liquor store/deli). This location is, as I mentioned before, owned by Mike Wayman’s brother Gary.

To learn more about USFA (or what sales is instructed to tell you), you may dial directly to speak to a sales rep: 877-621-9078. Then, you will be scheduled for a phone appointment with one of the “underwriters” who will by then have crunched the numbers to determine your eligibility for one or more of the “26-27” financial services programs offered by USFA.

However, there are no “underwriters.” The purpose it to just create some uncertainty and a “take-away” for the consumer. The “underwriters” are simply other sales staff/managers.

Most of the services are actually not in place yet, and/or never have been up and running. For example, USFA’s focus now is in selling investor-backed principal reductions…again only for those who qualify (minimum credit score, DTI, and being current on mortgage payments, and current property value above $150K). Unfortunately, USFA’s investor/attorneys have only completed ONE Principal Reduction Program (PRP) for a client to date. That sample PRP is available if you press the issue for a testimonial. Be sure not to ask for 2 references.

Some other updates as of Tuesday, 7/13…

CFPG (Certified Financial Protection Group) is now officially defunct. [See this article.] Earlier in the year they laid off most staff in a cost-cutting move and sent all client files to India for processing (call center was called “Rhombus”).

Due to the ineffectiveness of this move (apparently untrained phone sales didn’t know much about loss mitigation), all files were returned on Tuesday and almost all of the clients were emailed and told that CFPG was closing its doors and that they should refer to NACA for all further assistance. They are basically on their own. (Some select clients, such as friends/family of employees, will be processed by a few mitigators who are being rehired as FH4A staff.) – From Tip

Rhombus Responds to Allegations

In regards to the statements made that Rhombus failed to perform, I communicated with Prashantt Rupani, the Co-Owner and COO of Rhombus Technologies and here is what he had to say.

“The claims made by them are totally false. We are handling thousands of file for many firms / law firms for over almost 2 years now. We haven’t had even a single complaint. We stopped working on CFPG because of non-payment. They owe us almost $60,000. They did not make any payment in the entire month of June 2010. I personally got involved to make sure everything works fine but they claimed to have no money at all to pay.

So finally we had to give up and stop working. We are a company that would do whatever it takes to make sure the clients are happy and specially if its loan modification we take utter most care as we know the clients might lose their house if we fail.

I have clients (companies) from California and outside for whom we have been working for over a year now and we are actually incurring losses on those. But we have to work because if we stop, the clients (customers) would lose their homes.

By the way, CFPG had these files for over a year now (maximum of them) and they contracted with us only in May 2010. We hardly worked for 2 and a half months and within 2 months we got over 200 cases into trial mod’s. Now if that is what anyone would want to say is not a good service, I don’t know what is better.”

Domain Name and Telephone Numbers

The new domain name happens to use the same nameservers I tracked below in a previous story.

The domain name was owned by Mike Wayman when I check in that story.

So it appears the tip is credible.

By the way, the phone number the tipster (send in your tips here) mentioned, 877-621-9078, was previously used by Financial Hope for America.

Interestingly, the toll-free number US Financial Advantage lists on their site is 877-621-9075. – Source

The telephone number for U.S. Financial Advantage is a bit perplexing because it is also the same number used in a recent advertisement for a “Great insurance Career.” –

And apparently is related to this larger network of companies since the email address listed for contact is [email protected], the same email domain used for the failed Certified Financial Protection Group.

A search of the State of California corporation index could not locate any company authorized to do business in California under the name U.S. Financial Advantage.

And that’s a problem because if the company is not authorized to conduct business in California then their contracts are not enforceable.

Critical of Financial Hope for America

I was very critical of Financial Hope for America in my story “Non-Profit Debt Settlement – Financial Hope for America. Who Are They Really?” and even more so when Don Brokaw from Financial Hope for America started making statements in the comments to that story. Especially disturbing to me was the fact that while they portrayed themselves to be a non-profit agency they were not an IRS approved charity and as Don says “FH4A did apply with the IRS for the non profit status. We were unable to qualify for the status so we are a CA Not for Profit company.” Like that makes the misrepresentation better.

Another tipster (send in your tips here) has told me that since the story Financial Hope for America is moving in a new direction.

FH4A is trying to stay afloat by moving in a different direction from loan modification…it is getting into a MLM organization known as 5Linx. COO Don Brokaw has been recruiting the 30 or so employees left at the offices in Temecula to pay approximately $600 (plus $80/mo) to join this “incredible opportunity”. Basically the vast majority of income is a result of recruiting others to join. See below how it’s being represented…click here

For those unfamiliar with 5Linx like I was, here is a screen shot from their site.

The tip seems to fall in line with this comment that was left on the site on July 8, 2010.

I just found your site while looking for info on FH4A. I was an affiliate chapter based out of New Jersey and have not been able to speak to anyone in the company for almost 3 weeks. Could it be because I have not been paid in a month? I was to put off for all kinds of reasons and all of them bull apparently. So now they are changing their name which means they will write off all the money that they owe to all their affiliates. With all the research I have done I now know this is a pattern with these men, How do they get away with this over and over? I would be willing to help in any way possible to bring these guys down. – Source

Certified Financial Protection Group Closes Doors

Certified Financial Protection Group, what appears to be the start to this series of debt relief companies and closures, has closed itself. Click here for more on CFPG.


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  • Well they’ve done it again! I swear, I have no idea how these two cops, havent been arrested yet! Oh wait, thats right their ex-cops! Is that why no one seems to be able to stop these blood suckers? I am one of the idiots that believed I could truly be helped. I started with Certified Financial Protection Group, then when that company went under, I got scammed into paying for Financial Hope for America. Its been over 2 years, I have had 14 DIFFERENT mitigators, been denied 3 times. My home has a sale date now and Im being told that the ONLY way to save my home is to pay $5000 to join a mass joinder. Ive already paid out over $8000 to the owners of this company for a simple modification and now they want more?!?!?!? The interesting thing is that I had 2 different women contact me. One sent me paperwork for Kramer and Kaslow K2 something or other. The second lady told me a DIFFERENT NAME, Brookshire Holloway, but that website said the attorney is Bruce Stuart. Im so confused. Your website says they turned Financial Hope for America into US Financial Advantage, its very interesting that their attorney’s website looks exactly like all the rest. Who can we report these guys to so they will stop ruining so many families lives? A company that changes names and addresses this many time is obviously not ethical! They need to be shut down!

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