Mailer From Lender Results in Referral to Debt Settlement Company Legal Helpers Debt Resolution

Thanks to an awesome tip, I received a mailer that is being sent out. This one was received by a Pennsylvania resident.

The mailer was sent out using a West Palm Beach, Florida mailing permit but it appears to come from a company called NFM, Inc. NFM was identified as NFM Lending. Apparently their name used to be National Fidelity Mortgage Corporation.

According to Maryland, NFM, Inc is located at 505 Progress Drive, Linthicum, MD 21090 and the registered agent at that address is Stephanie Bogan. – Source

Stephanie Bogan is the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for NFM, Inc. – Source

I emailed Ms. Bogan yesterday and asked her if NFM was acting as a lead generator, affiliate or in any other referral relationship for debt settlement companies? Is the NFM mailer number published, 800-513-8770, answered by NFM staff or a call center.

As of the publication of this article she has not responded.

The mailer appears to be solely for a loan but as the tipster (send in your tips here) said, you may be pitched debt settlement services for a law firm. I called and I was. The law firm pitched was Legal Helpers Debt Resolution.



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3 thoughts on “Mailer From Lender Results in Referral to Debt Settlement Company Legal Helpers Debt Resolution”

  1. Right off the bat you can see that this is just another scam. I would like to know the name of the finance company that is offering a high risk debt consolidation loan at 5% interest. The answer is that it doesn’t exist. If you look at the mailer, they are offering payments of 248 dollars on a 46,000 loan. If this was a real loan, it would take until the year 2040 to pay off. It would also cost the borrower over 42,000 in interest alone.

    The reality, is that this is deception, pure and simple. People think they are getting a super low rate loan that is the answer to their prayers with such a low payment, and what they are getting is a pitch for a Bull Shit debt settlement program from Legal Helpers. Sort of shoots a hole in the theory that Attorneys shouldn’t be subject to the new FTC rules because they are required to be more upfront and honest in their business dealings by the bar.

    I would like to know if Legal Helpers is aware of these tactics that are being used to sell their program, and if they are, what they plan on doing about it? Perhaps an email to the Bar is in order as, a case could clearly be made of ethics violations from what I am seeing.


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