We Went with The Debt Answer and They Are Not What We Hoped For And We’ve Been Sued. – David

“Dear Steve,

We have a lot of unsecured debt and look for a way to get out of them because my busisness work flow is about a third of what it use to be, So we went with The Debt Answer, and now am worried that they are not what we hope for.

We are in to seven months paid them 4700.00 now we have been served with a summons and they have been avoiding us as in to saying e-mail was undeliverable or the fax is not working. Or they are in a meeting. We cant get any replys or not even a attorney one has called us back.

My question is what can I do to get my money back and take care of this on our own .


Dear David,

The Debt Answer is still around and you can reach them through their sister company, ABC Debt Relief at 866-786-7221. Two companies share common ownership and are located in the same office space.

In looking up the telephone number I was surprised to see ABCDebtRelief.com no longer has the Lloyd Ward Law Firm site up. Interesting. But it does still say it is associated with Lloyd Ward in the site title.

Anyway, back to The Debt Answer, why don’t you email the two owners and ask for a refund. They can be reached at:

If that does not work for you then consider following this process.

Please update me on your progress by Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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