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“Dear Steve,

i filed for a chapter 13 bankruptcy. i have not yet been to court expect for the meeting with the creditors. we are in the beginning stages of the bankruptcy. my husband and i have both been laid off so we are unable to pay the bankruptcy. i asked my lawyer to dismiss the case the response was to wait for the court to dismiss it. we only have our mortgage on the bankruptcy we do not own any creditors outside of the home. what should we do let it be dismissed through the court for non payment? how will this affect my credit score? how do we rebuild it? my lawyers said we could not rebuild our credit because this will be on our credit report for years and years. we just want to be free of the whole situation.


Dear Asia,

I’d have to defer to the advice of your local attorney on dismissing. Either way it gets dismissed but I am unaware of any complications that might arise if the court does it.

Yes, it will remain on your credit report but you can rebuild your credit starting now. Read How to Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy for details on what to do.

But a bigger concern is that it sounds like you need to have your case converted to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy since you have both been laid off. Have you discussed that with your attorney?

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